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Christmas resources for your church

This Christmas we want to share the real meaning of Christmas with children across the UK. One of the ways we're doing this is by giving copies of our nativity storybook The First Christmas to some of the UK's most vulnerable children. Share news of this campaign with your church using some of the resources below.

We'd also like to help your church in your Christmas outreach. The Christmas Party Pack will give you all the ideas and inspriation you need to plan a great party and you can order some copies of The First Christmas to give away.

Find all the resources you need right here.

This great FREE resource contains lots of ideas and advice for hosting a fantastic Christmas party, assembly or church service for the children and young people in your community. Download your free copy today.
Spread the word about how your church can enable more children to hear the real meaning of Christmas. A inspirational video, handy prayer card and collection envelopes for your church.
Exclusive for 95 Campaign members - Stepping out in faith we have updated our retelling of the Christmas story, The First Christmas, and sourced 120,000 copies to give away. Join The 95 Campaign to get free copies - perfect for your church's Christmas outreach.
The First Christmas being read to a child

Give a gift today to help more children hear the real Christmas Story

We need the help of churches like yours as we share the real Christmas story with children across the country. As well as giving The First Christmas books out in your own community, could your church consider supporting the campaign financially?

Why not take a collection in your service, put on a fundraising event or ask if your church could make a gift from their funds.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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