Deep Sea Divers

Deep Sea Divers

Grab your snorkel and plunge into the book of Matthew with Deep Sea Divers, a swashbuckling adventure of a holiday club resource!


Deep Sea Divers inside look

Deep Sea Divers

Deep Sea Divers is aimed at children aged between 5 and 11 and invites children to become Divers and explore the oceans - diving deep into the sea while learning about Jesus, possibly for the very first time. You'll have a 'whale' of a time as you explore the story of Jesus, from his birth and baptism, down to the depths of his death, before rising back to the surface with the story of his resurrection.

With three half-days of brilliant content, the option to add in sports-focused activities, and an abundance of additional content available online, Deep Sea Divers is a fantastic resource. Containing everything you'll need to plan a holiday club that connects with both children familiar with who Jesus is and those who are yet to know him.


Dive Tables

Dive Logbook and Dive Tables

Dive Logbook, for older children, and Dive Tables, for younger ones, are workbooks designed to work alongside your holiday club. These are filled with activities, games and quizzes to help the children reflect on what they have learned. These are also great take-home keepsakes that contain the full passages of the Bible that you will refer to in your sessions. At £10 for a pack of 10 these are an affordable addition to your club.


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