The First Christmas

Together, let's share the real meaning of Christmas

95% of children are not in church, and that's probably why 35% of them believe that Jesus was born at the South Pole. Together, we can help thousands of children discover the real meaning of Christmas!

The First Christmas

The First Christmas is a beautiful nativity storybook, bringing the story of Jesus' birth to life through a simple narrative and engaging illustrations. And this Christmas, with your help, thousands of children could receive their very own copy to treasure.

Whether you'd like to give some away yourself or you'd prefer to give a financial gift to ensure it's shared as widely as possible, you can make a real difference!

Our prayer is that through this little book and its wonderful message of hope, many young lives may be truly blessed this Christmas. 

Will you join with us in ensuring it reaches as many children as possible? 

Here's three simple ways you can help share the real meaning of Christmas...

For some children, Christmas can be a really difficult time. But, with your help, we can make the most of some wonderful God-given opportunities to gift children a copy of The First Christmas, and bring hope and joy when it's needed most.
Unfortunately, due to very high demand, we're unable to fulfill any more orders for free copies of The First Christmas. If you were hoping to give some away this year, we're very sorry but we hope your Christmas events are still a huge success, and that many children may discover the real meaning of Christmas through them.
Christmas parties are a great way to connect with families in your community and the perfect place to give away copies of The First Christmas. Download our new and completely FREE Christmas Party Pack for everything you need to throw a Christmas party that children will love!
The First Christmas Book

We've got a new beautifully illustrated telling of the Christmas story that will help thousands of children to discover the real meaning of Christmas!

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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