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Prayers for September – November 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning 1st September

This week's prayers relate to this article.

Sunday 1 
Please pray for children and young people as they start the new school year, particularly those who are changing schools and those who are stressed by school issues including exams, homework and relationships. 

Monday 2 
Give thanks to God for young people like Maddy, for their courage in speaking out about mental health issues and helping to reduce the stigma. 

Tuesday 3 
Pray for God’s protection on all the children and young people who are suffering mental health and wellbeing issues. Ask God to give insight and wisdom to their teachers and parents in spotting the signs and offering help and support. 

Wednesday 4 
Read Psalm 139. Praise God that there is no place so dark, so lonely, so difficult or remote that his love cannot reach and that he is always, always there for us. 

Thursday 5 
Please pray that many churches and schools will make use of SU’s new Mental Health Toolkit to explain to children and young people that God is with them in the tough times, and that they can turn to him for support, strength and hope. 

Friday 6 
Praise God that he spoke so directly to Maddy through the story of Legion. Pray that many more children and young people with mental health challenges will find similar comfort through God speaking to them in scripture and other ways. 

Saturday 7 
Give thanks to God for Maddy’s friend, who took the initiative to invite her to church in the faith that Maddy would meet with God. Pray that he will inspire every young Christian to share their faith with their friends.

Week beginning 8th September

Sunday 8 
This month, Sunday School teachers from churches in Thailand are hoping to develop new skills as they undergo training organised by SU Thailand with Bangkok Institute of Theology. Please pray for the teachers and those providing the training. 

Monday 9 
The north west and north east and Yorkshire regional teams have joined together to become one team. Please pray for the new combined team as they seek to grow mission opportunities across the north of England. 

Tuesday 10 
Give thanks for the appointment of two new directors – Stephen Vis (Finance and Services) and Rachel Warwick (Mobilisation). Pray that they will settle quickly into their roles. 

Wednesday 11 
Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust, a local mission partner, ask us to pray that they’ll be able to reconnect with the young people they were working with last term. Pray that they will have the opportunity to form new relationships with young people in the schools where they currently work and that new schools will open up. 

Thursday 12 
SU development worker Bob Goody is leading various services and outreach events aimed at reaching children and families as part of the oneLIFE Mission across Southwell and Nottingham Diocese. Pray for this work that starts today and finishes on Sunday. 

Friday 13 
SU is partnering with others in Amplify (the youth arm of Advance 2020) which will train a selected group of young people to become more effective in sharing their faith. Pray that the inaugural residential this weekend will enthuse and envision these young people. 

Saturday 14 
Pray for Sam Fowler (development worker in the South East) as he supports Kingsland Church in Colchester with their community day, using a giant inflatable pitch to bring sport and faith together. Pray that they will have lots of opportunities to show the love of Jesus.

Week beginning 15th September

Sunday 15 
SU Singapore ask us to pray for the Jana Alayra children’s concerts and children’s worship workshops that take place this month. Pray that they will help the children grow in relationship with God. 

Monday 16 
Please pray for the new schools ministry course being launched this term in four locations in England and Wales. Pray that many people who are looking to engage with ‘the 95’ in schools will come and be inspired and equipped. 

Tuesday 17 
Today and tomorrow, an SU team will be at a gathering of Christian retailers and suppliers. SU content innovator Esther Calvert-Jordan will talk about the new holiday club resource, Wonder Zone. Pray that retailers will catch the vision. 

Wednesday 18 
Pray for local mission partner YOYO based in York. They are running a number of New Start assemblies in primary schools across York during September and October and also have their commissioning service for the year on Sunday. 

Thursday 19 
LifeMatters is a Year 7 transition event run by local mission partner SU Ministries Trust on the Isle of Man, helping children to think through what matters to them. Today sees the first of four this term. Pray that the young people will build new relationships through this and for the volunteer team who make it possible. 

Friday 20 
The Rugby World Cup, which starts today, will be massive in Wales. Pray for the varied mission activities that SU Wales will be running around it in September and October – assemblies, lessons, rugby fun days and The Games in schools. 

Saturday 21 
Give thanks for the summer outreach activities in Guisborough. Pray for wisdom and clarity for development worker Neil Jackson and the local Christians involved, as they explore the best activities to build on this and the best place to locate them.

Week beginning Sunday 22nd

Sunday 22 
SU Estonia has just launched a Bible app for children in Estonian. Praise God for this opportunity and pray that many children will be helped to engage with the Bible in new ways. 

Monday 23 
Pray for the planning for and promotion of Shine which takes place in November and equips young people in schools to share their faith. Pray that many people would hear about it and want to run it in their schools, either as part of an existing group or an impetus to start a new group.

Tuesday 24 
In the summer we prayed for Beach Life events taking place in the Lake District, Lancashire and on Merseyside. Thank God for the many children who heard about Jesus through these pop-up events. Pray for all the churches that SU worked with to run the events. 

Wednesday 25 
During September and October, Jo Morley and the rest of the holidays Prayers staff team will be working on the new guest booking system for SU holidays. Pray that they quickly understand how to use the new system and create a better and more efficient booking system. 

Thursday 26 
Pray for Terry Clutterham in his role as Director of Culture and Innovation. Terry will be seeking to stimulate thinking across the movement, and within the wider Christian community using social media and face-to-face gatherings. 

Friday 27 
Give thanks for the Saltburn holiday club and the children who attended. Pray for the follow-up as development worker Neil Jackson explores with Saltburn Evangelical Church the possibility of running a regular midweek outreach to local children. 

Saturday 28 
Next Monday and Tuesday, local mission partners and the staff team in the north will be gathering for a time of encouragement, challenge and reflection. Pray that as ideas are shared they will all be inspired afresh to reach ‘the 95’ in their own communities.

Week beginning 29th September

Sunday 29 
Today the SU Global Board come to the end of three days of meetings. Pray that there will be wise decisions and good conclusions. Tomorrow SU International Field Development Directors start three days of meetings to consider the best way to support national movements. Please pray for insight and God’s guidance. 

Monday 30 
Pray for development worker Bob Goody as he takes a one-hour show based on Dairy of a Disciple into about 18 schools over the next couple of weeks. This is part of the HOPE Tour in Mansfi eld and Ashfield, and will feed into family events on 5 and 11 October. Pray too for the secondary schools week (October 15-18) with gospel concerts on 18 and 19. 

Tuesday 1 
Pray for schools workers Tricia and Johanna of local mission partner Watford Schools Trust as they deliver lessons in line with the new Herts RE syllabus. This term they are looking at creation and harvest in Year 1 and taking harvest assemblies. 

Wednesday 2 
Many churches will be planning Light Parties. Pray for all involved, that God will guide them to make the most of the opportunity to share the Light of Jesus this Halloween. 

Thursday 3 
Pray for all the volunteer leaders of Guardians of Ancora clubs, especially those starting in schools this term. Thank God for the growth and impact of this form of mission and pray for the effectiveness of the revamped Guardians of Ancora clubs resources. across the country Friday 4 Development worker Lisa Jones is running a residential weekend this month in Kent. Pray for the team and for the children who will be drawn from ‘the 95’. 

Saturday 5 
Please pray that local mission partner Stort Valley Schools Trust will be able to find new Trustees with a real heart and enthusiasm for the ministry amongst young people in local schools, and a strong sense of God’s call.

Week beginning 6th October

Sunday 6 
Pray for the new First Nations Ministries project developed by SU South Australia, which aims to evangelise, disciple and support ministry to indigenous Australians. Their new indigenous staff member is leading the ministry. Pray for her and the new team being developed. 

Monday 7 
This week Chris Eales is planning to run a Go Wild nonresidential camp for children being homeschooled. Pray that all the planning will bear fruit and that this event will reach those outside the church. 

Tuesday 8 
Wayne Dixon of local mission partner Christian Connections in Schools is on sabbatical until 3 November, having been working in schools for 31 years. Pray for a time of rest, reflection, learning and evaluating, for wisdom for the future and for possible Christian groups starting at three schools after Illuminate with LZ7 last October. 

Wednesday 9 
Please pray that Jim Winning, who has recently joined us as Supporter Care Lead, will quickly find his feet and begin to make positive changes to benefit you, our supporters. Pray too for Karina Motta who works alongside Jim. 

Thursday 10
Pray for the SU Council as it meets on Saturday to think about important issues in the contemporary world and how they impact on our presentation of the good news of Jesus. 

Friday 11 
The SLAM (Sport, Life and More) Mini holiday for 8-11s takes place this weekend led by Susan Williams and Helen Franklin. Some of the children may not have been away from home before; pray that they will settle, enjoy it and make new friends as well as learning more about Jesus. 

Saturday 12 
Local mission partner Learn4Life have a launch event tomorrow with new branding and a new name, Reach. Pray that as they share the vision for the future many more people will support them through prayer, volunteering and giving financially so that the work in Reading schools can go from strength to strength.

Week beginning 13th October

Sunday 13 
SU Hong Kong has a new series of youth notes in production aiming to complete a series of 12 volumes in the next 3 years. Please pray for a good response from churches and schools who will be willing to promote systematic Bible reading among young people and for the production of the app version in the future. 

Monday 14 
Pray for development worker Lucy Pearson as she spends time this month developing Rooted across the north and for the preparation of new resources to support the programme that helps young people to see the difference Jesus can make. 

Tuesday 15 
Tonight, the south west team take the 95 Tour to Swanage. Pray that many will come and find fresh vision and new confidence and discover more about how they can partner with us to reach ‘the 95’. 

Wednesday 16 
This is the second of three days of the Prayer Fellowship Conference. Give thanks for the faithfulness in prayer of the former trustees, Council members and staff who are attending and pray that they will be inspired by all they hear during the conference. 

Thursday 17 
Pray for the development of plans to help children and young people from ‘the 95’ engage with the Bible. It is hoped that a pilot will be available by November. 

Friday 18 
Pray for Ian Gooding as he manages our IT operations, and for our planning to migrate applications such as our finance systems and database to make use of the latest technology. 

Saturday 19 
The Director of Sports Ministry for local mission partner PSALMS is meeting with contacts across the Gloucester Diocese to discuss plans for an initiative to develop churches for people who don’t engage with traditional forms of church. Pray that they will know God’s leading and that the way forward will become clear.

Week beginning Sunday 20th October

Sunday 20 
SU Greece would like to find a place to serve children in need in Athens, including refugees, immigrants and poor Greek families. Please pray that they will find the right place. 

Monday 21 
Dan Wicks, development worker in the south east, will be running two one-day sports camps this week, one in West Molesey and one in Romford. Pray for good attendance and for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus. 

Tuesday 22
Please pray that Patrick Weld, chaplain at local mission partner Great Wood Trust, will show God’s love to the schools and staff that come to the site and in a new God Club in Haygrove School, Bridgwater which has attracted a rowdy bunch of boys, who would never normally come. 

Wednesday 23 
Give thanks for SU’s trustees who have overall legal responsibility for the charity and who are ultimately responsible for the strategic leadership of the movement. Pray for them as they meet today with the leadership team to finalise the strategic plan. 

Thursday 24 
Local mission partner MINE youth (Mission in Newcastle East) have been running a DJ school. Tonight they are running an evening of Christian-themed music and testimony giving young people a chance to hear what God has done in the lives of people from their area and to enjoy some great music. Pray that many young people who find it hard to fit in will see that God loves them. 

Friday 25 
Pray for Margaret Lilley as she leads our cooking holiday for primary aged children, Come Dine with SU, running 25-28 October. Pray that as children enjoy learning new skills they will meet Jesus. 

Saturday 26 
Pray for Sarah Davison, development worker in the north, as she works with schools who have shown interest in using the Diary of a Disciple workshop.

Week beginning 27th October

Sunday 27 
SU India would appreciate prayer for their note writers who work in eight different languages as they write and finish for the year 2020. Pray that God will give creativity and inspiration. 

Monday 28 
For the next three days, Simon Barker will be helping to lead Hope MK. Over 100 young people will spend the mornings in fun activity, Bible study and prayer before going out in the afternoon to engage in a range of community projects. Pray that the young people will grow as they serve. 

Tuesday 29 
For the rest of this week, Trevor Ranger of local mission partner Synergy will be helping to lead a Space Academy holiday club in Sutton Benger, a small Wiltshire village. Pray that the links with the schools will result in a good number of children attending and discovering what it means to choose God’s way as Daniel did. 

Wednesday 30 
Pray for John and Rachel Settatree (Regional Team Leader and Supporter Worker in Wales) as they move to Pembrokeshire to try to grow more ministry in West Wales,  especially developing some young evangelists as part of Amplify (the youth arm of Advance 2020 mission). 

Thursday 31 
Thousands of Light Parties will be taking place across the country today. Pray that God will open the hearts of the children, young people and families who attend and that there will be good follow-up. 

Friday 1 
National mission partner Festive is seeking to find and train chaplains for colleges and sixth forms. Pray that God would call and equip those he has chosen and that he would open doors so colleges and sixth forms will be willing to receive Christian chaplains. 

Saturday 2 
Careful care and management of supporter data is hugely important. Please pray for Meri Suokas and Gill Russell as they support the organisation with all aspects of data including requests, reports, development and compliance.

Week beginning 3rd November

Sunday 3 
SU Namibia praise God for committed Christian teachers who are running vibrant SU clubs at various schools in the country. Pray that God will continue to support them and that through them many young people will encounter Jesus. 

Monday 4 
Pray for five volunteer teams from GenR8 (local mission partner in Cambridgeshire) as they begin their Advent-themed assembly presentations in over 100 primary schools. The assembly will include an interview with John the Baptist and a ski trip to Australia as children explore what would happen if God came down from heaven. 

Tuesday 5 
Pray that the young people who attend the Mission United Faith In Life residential gathering run by local mission partner Missional Generation (who work along the M62 corridor) this month will be equipped to step out in faith and share Jesus and that they will see lives changed by the good news. 

Wednesday 6 
Give thanks for the impact of schools work run by local mission partner Trobwynt on the Lleyn Peninsula. Pray too for schools worker Eleri Trythall as she gets married on Saturday to Gruffydd Davies who also started part-time work with the trust in September developing sports ministry and discipleship groups. 

Thursday 7 
Brentwood Schools Worker Christian Trust are preparing for the Christmas Unwrapped Project and Darkness to Light Christmas lessons. Pray for clarity and creativity in their planning. 

Friday 8 
A pop-up Lifepath takes place next Thursday at a school in Northumberland. This is a new event working with local churches to provide a Lifepath event for Year 4 pupils in the primary school. Pray that it will encourage pupils to think about the direction of their own lives. 

Saturday 9 
Today student leaders of school Christian groups from across London will be meeting. Pray that they will be encouraged and equipped in their roles and that the groups which they lead might be a clear Christian presence in schools.

Week beginning 11th November

This week's prayers relate to this article.

Sunday 10 
Praise God for the wonder of his creation, and for helping us to understand and appreciate its incredible complexity and diversity through science. 

Monday 11 
Please pray that many churches will be inspired and excited to use the new Wonder Zone holiday club resources to show children how science and faith complement one another, and how God is alive and at work in the world around them. 

Tuesday 12 
Give thanks to God for Heidi and other church workers and volunteers for their passion and commitment, planning SU holiday clubs and other outreach events to introduce children and young people to Jesus. 

Wednesday 13
Please pray that God will prepare the way for many children and young people who aren’t part of a church to come to Wonder Zone holiday clubs. Ask that he will prepare their hearts to receive what he has to say to them. 

Thursday 14 
Give thanks that holiday clubs bring together church volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, build stronger relationships and give people a sense of belonging to God’s family, particularly young people. 

Friday 15 
Give thanks to God for all those individuals and organisations whose financial support, scientific knowledge and understanding of children and young people has enabled SU to develop the Wonder Zone holiday club resources. 

Saturday 16 
Please pray that God will continue to inspire SU staff, volunteers and partner organisations to develop resources around the interests and concerns of children and young people, and truly meet them ‘where they are’.

Week beginning 17th November

Sunday 17 
Myanmar faces many problems – civil war, natural disaster, and political crises – but SU Myanmar’s children and youth programmes are becoming more successful year by year. Thank God and pray that more volunteers will be found to continue the programme of reaching many children in non-Christian areas. 

Monday 18 
The north regional staff team meet today to plan for the months ahead. Pray for wisdom as they seek to grow new projects across the north and for a clear sense of purpose and unity.  

Tuesday 19 
Give thanks for two great SU family holidays at Great Wood this year, with lots of positive feedback about having time to be families. Please pray for plans for a third 26 k families’ holiday that Steve and Judy Hutchinson are due to run for families who have adopted or who foster. 

Wednesday 20 
This summer, Edale Adventure holiday (a regional holiday in the north) was oversubscribed. Pray for all the children who came and for wisdom for Rob Steward and Sarah Davison as they decide how to grow more SU holiday experiences in the north over the next year. 

Thursday 21 
Scripture Union South Africa has had unexpected and unique problems in getting their translation of Guardians of Ancora off the ground. Please pray that progress will now be swift and uncomplicated so that many children will be able to experience the Bible engagement app in their heart-language. 

Friday 22 
Pray for HR Officer Adelaide Nketsia as she provides support on a range of HR processes to the Movement. 

Saturday 23 
Today there is an induction day for new holiday and mission leaders. Pray for them as they meet that they might be excited about what God is going to do, gain new enthusiasm and fresh insights and be encouraged as they prepare to take on leadership.

Week beginning 24th November

Sunday 24 
Pray for the programme of care for children, adolescents and their parents run by SU Chile asking that those cared for will know the hope that Christ off ers for the various problems that aff ect them. 

Monday 25 
Pray for development worker Jenni Whymark who is taking part in the Surbiton Christmas light switch-on event which presents opportunities for the local churches to be involved and share Jesus. 

Tuesday 26 
Local churches are key when it comes to sharing the good news of Jesus with the next generation. Please pray for guidance as we seek to support these churches and especially for Rachel Warwick (Director of Mobilisation), asking for wisdom and discernment as she leads the mobilisation team. 

Wednesday 27 
In July, Neil Jackson worked with a new church in Bradford to pioneer outreach using sports (especially cricket on the back of the Cricket World Cup). Please pray for the church as they seek to follow up this outreach and for the Scripture Union north team as they support them in this. 

Thursday 28 
Pray for new Director of Finance and Services, Stephen Vis, and the finance team as they start the detailed work on preparing the budget for the next financial year. Pray for wisdom, and for a sense of God’s priorities. 

Friday 29 
Local mission partner Chester Schools Christian Work have a new team leader in place, having lost the leader of 19 years and the high schools’ worker. Pray for them at this time of change and as they look to consolidate the work in schools. 

Saturday 30 
Local mission partner Faith in Schools, working in Newham ask us to pray that God will give Christian parents a heart to become part of the Adopt a School scheme where they can sponsor a class for £60 which pays for one lesson in their child’s school.


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