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Welcome to the brand new Scripture Union website. We're so glad you're here! Over the past few years we've been busy creating the site in response to your feedback, and we're really excited to be able to share the result with you now. This is your website so take a look around and make yourself at home. We'd love to know what you think, too, so do let us know.

A few years ago we asked you, our website users, what you wanted from Scripture Union online and we were overwhelmed with responses. If you completed our survey or fed in to the process in any other way, thank you. Your feedback has been invaluable, helping us to put together this site and so much more.

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A renewed focus and vision

Alongside the much needed technical improvements, it can't have escaped your notice that we've also introduced a new visual identity. This is also, in part, thanks to you. Our new look has been introduced to mark our refocus on sharing the good news of Jesus with the next generation – a focus true to the vision of our founder, Josiah Spiers, but one that had got a bit hidden over the last 150 years.

Spiers’ vision was simple, but over time we had become complicated. And, as some of your feedback suggested, a little 'confusing'. So, as you explore this new website, alongside all the technical improvements and features, we hope you'll also be pleased by a new and refreshed Scripture Union identity and message. 

What it actually means for you

We think you’ll appreciate all the changes and improvements to the site itself, but we know that changes can cause headaches at times, too. To help ease you in, we’ve put together a helpful guide to explain what the changes mean for you.

More improvements in the pipeline

Although the site launched today, some services (like booking a holiday) will remain on our old website for a while longer as we work on making those areas even better. Check out our guide to the new website for more specific information and look out for news on some more exciting developments soon.  


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