What comes after the workshop?

With help from a school who had just had the workshop we have trialled four after school club sessions

Diary of a Disciple Club


Whilst offering Diary of a Disciple workshops to a head teacher, she responded with a request to continue using the books as a club for the children who wanted to explore Luke’s gospel further. Of course we jumped at the suggestion and trialled a four week after school club. The clubs were simple - by using the books as much as possible with a weekly quick-fire quiz, the kids had to find the answers using the books, but also a chance to delve deeper into the stories and think about how these stories can impact their lives today. It’s also been fun to add in some creative prayer and reflection activities, drama and craft as a way for the children to respond to the stories. There are so many amazing stories to explore, choosing only four was the biggest challenge! What could you do with Diary of a Disciple in your community?

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