What's a cup of tea worth?

Cups of tea and unexpected conversations

A church leader from Reading met with development worker Lianne for a cup of tea and a conversation about using the Diary of a Disciple Activity Book  within a local school. Lianne made contact with this leader as a result of the 95 Tour, which sought to gather people passionate about the 95 to share ideas and resources, and think strategically about sharing faith with those who do not know Jesus yet. This is what the church leader had to say: 

What is a cup of herbal tea worth? 

"Well, if it's with Lianne from Scripture Union it proved to be worth much more than I ever imagined. I initially approached Lianne to join me for a cuppa so that I could pick her brains on how best to use the Diary of a Disciple Activity Book with the pupils of one small local school, with the aim of making our contact with the pupils as significant as we could.  I got that advice and then the conversation broadened to how we could best use Diary of a Disciple to achieve the same with two other much larger schools."


"We already give It's Your Move to pupils leaving these schools, so Lianne told me about how other churches are using It's Your Move as the basis of a day together for all the local primary schools.  As it happens, we don't have much contact with our local secondary school, so the experience of how other churches have built on these days to cover the transition to secondary education was really thought-provoking, as was her report of the doors that have opened for further opportunities with some of these schools.

So what's a cup of herbal tea worth?  I thought it was going to help us learn from best practice in running one event.  It turned out that Lianne's experience and advice opened up a whole line of strategic thinking in how we could make much more meaningful contact with children in Key Stage 2, a group who are significantly under-represented in our church."

Our development workers are on hand to help churches with strategy and implementation to share the good news of Jesus with those who do not yet know Him. If you have a heart for those children and young people in your area why not get in contact and have a cup of tea/coffee with one of our development workers? 


Lianne Semans Smith

Scripture Union Development Worker (Church and Community)

As a practitioner in children’s and youth ministry, I've developed a deep passion to see Christian communities embrace their responsibility to nurture the faith of their younger members, and to share the good news of Jesus with those who haven’t heard it. I'm privileged to be able to share this passion through my ministry with Scripture Union.

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