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Curriculum events

One of the significant ways in which a church can serve a local school is through offering to run events that tie in with the curriculum

Events for key stages 1–3

Lifematters is an event for Year 7 pupils just after they have made the move to secondary school. Through activities, craft and discussions they are encouraged to discover how the 'world matters', 'I matter', 'relationships matter' and 'communities matter'.
Lifepath is an event that comes in all shapes and sizes for junior school pupils. Throughout the day they find out about the life of a well known Christian from the past and learn about their own 'life path'.
Secret Mission is a walk through the life of Jesus in one morning or afternoon for younger pupils. Using stories and small-group activities, led by people from the local church, it highlights some of the key moments in the life of Jesus.
A Diary of a Disciple Workshop is an exciting, 90 minute workshop for Primary school children aged 7 to 11 years old (Key Stage 2).

This workshop accompanies the amazing Diary of a Disciple: Luke's story which is a quirky, creative retelling of Luke's Gospel.

Everything you need to run one of these amazing workshops can be downloaded for free.

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