Light Parties 2020

Light Parties

Are you wondering what to do for children and young people at Halloween, while working within the current restrictions? Maybe your church could put on a COVID-secure or online Light Party, as an alternative for Halloween and a great way of reaching out to your community with the good news of Jesus.

Light Party Pack 2020

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So, it’s one of your favourite times of the year and the Light Party is something you really look forward to. However, this year, with all the restrictions currently in place and changing on a daily basis, are you wondering how, where and when this will work?

Here at Scripture Union, we have had the same thoughts, but we want to reassure you that things are still possible, and our continuing mission to support you in reaching out to children and young people at the forefront of our minds, more now than ever.  

The Light Video Screen Grab
A video based on the SU booklet ‘Who is the Light?’. After introducing different sources of light and thinking about what the effects of light are.
Videos to inspire
Download 'The Lost Sun' and the Light Party youth videos.
Red Question Mark
Take a look at some tricky questions children ask about faith and Halloween.
Download extra resources including videos, posters, invitations, risk assessments and much more!
Rhys Stephenson
Children's television presenter, Rhys Stephenson shares his first memories of Halloween and why he's on board with Light Parties.
Church building
We'd love to provide your church with more resources, tools and support to reach the children and young people in your community with the good news of Jesus.
The 95 Campaign
An estimated 95% of children and young people aren't in church. We'd like to support and equip your church to reach out to them with the good news of Jesus.
Jesus is the Light
Our newest Halloween resources to help you share Jesus this season.
How do you stay in contact with the children and young people who come to your Light Party? Our follow-up resources can help you to do this.
Some helpful questions and answers about Halloween and how we can respond as Christians.
Girl with light heart

Help us reach more children and young people

We provide our Light Party Packs free of charge to enable everyone to access and use them.

We'd love to provide more tools, resources and support to equip churches to reach out to children and young people who don't know Jesus. If you or your church feel you can support us in our mission, please make a donation today.

You can also order free collection envelopes for your church service.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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