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In the fields of our lives, God’s Word is a great treasure. As we read it, we unearth priceless truth, new joy, and wonderful promises. 

That’s why WordLive is such a precious resource for those who use it. Around 20,000 people use WordLive on a regular basis, and we praise God for each one. 

At the heart of what we do is to freely present the Bible in new, inspiring and accessible ways. Our vision is to see lives transformed and deepened by interactive engagement with the Bible; to be a place where everyone can explore issues of life and Christian faith. 

Your gift to WordLive means we can continue bringing the Bible to life through word, music and media – helping more people discover the great treasure of God’s Word every day.

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From the outset, WordLive has been a free resource to enable people to explore the Bible and deepen their relationship with God through a range of multimedia approaches.

But WordLive is not free to produce and we rely on donations to keep WordLive running. 

Every pound given helps us to encourage people to experience more of God in their daily lives through reading the Bible and prayer. Your gift can also support children's churches and schools to reach out to the next generation via SchoolsLive and LightLive. Thank you for your support.

Please help us keep our WordLive, SchoolsLive and LightLive sites free for all

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