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The team in the North East & Yorkshire are dedicated to reaching the 95% of children and young people who do not go to church. Through our work in schools, churches and local communities we seek to create new opportunities for children and young people to respond to Jesus. 

"We're here to equip you to do mission with young people locally, and would love to hear from you."


Geoff Brown

Development Worker (Schools) - North East and Yorkshire Region

I've been on the SU staff for over 16 years and previously taught geography in a secondary school. As we seek to reach the 95% of children and young people not in church, I'm keen to see young people equipped to live for God at school and to help their friends explore the good news of Jesus.

Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson

Development worker (church & community)

I've been involved in youth and children’s work most of my life as a teacher, youth worker, schools worker and as a volunteer. I believe in outreach to children and young people and my role is about encouraging, equipping and inspiring God’s church to be effective partners with God in the exciting project of reaching children, youth and families with the good news about Jesus. Get in touch if there are ways that I can support or advise you in any way to be more effective at doing this.

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