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Mental health and Wellbeing

Mental health and Wellbeing

Scripture Union's Mental Health and Wellbeing resources are intended to help you engage children and young people in supportive and helpful conversation around the challenges that a child or young person may be facing. Our Mental Health Suite has been endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation.

Mental health and wellbeing resources

Endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation

Many children and young people struggle with their mental health. Perhaps more than you might think. That’s why we’ve developed a Mental Health Suite to support children and youth workers, parents and carers. Explore our current resources below.

Resources for children

The Lost Sun resource
The Lost Sun is a resource that can be used to effectively help children explore and express challenges, such as fear, worry and anxiety, in their personal lives.
The Lost Sun
An animated, poetic story about Daisy, for whom the sun disappeared. To be used with The Lost Sun, a resource.
Through the wood cards
A set of storytelling postcards that tell the story of a young boy who loses his dog whilst out in the woods. Designed for those working with children aged 5-8, the pack enables discussion around issues of grief and loss.
Like me? leader’s guide
Like me? invites children aged 8-11 to consider their own sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect. This resource contains four session outlines, intended for use with groups of children in a school, or small group context.

Resources for youth

Currently, we have two main series for youth. These series cover a number of topics that can affect the mental health of young people. Explore these resources below. 

Is Anybody listening?

Is Anybody Listening? resource
Within the Is Anybody Listening? outline you will find information on getting additional support around mental health and wellbeing as well as a list of key concepts to keep in mind when exploring these issues with children.
Is Anybody Listening?
Is Anybody Listening? is a workshop about social media and value, and is centred around a spoken-word piece in video form that talks about the challenges of social media and the difference that Jesus makes.

Chloe's Story

Chloe’s story session outline
This session outline lasts for around 60 minutes and is intended for use with those aged over 13. The session includes Chloe’s story in video form, along with Chloe’s song which provides an additional way to for young people to reflect on Chloe’s experiences.
Chloe’s story
Chloe’s story invites young people to explore issues around self-esteem, self-worth and anxiety.
Chloe’s song
Chloe’s song provides an additional way for young people to reflect on Chloe’s experiences.
Get help cards

Resources for all ages

A pack of 100 cards designed to be given out to young people that will help them to find places they can go for support around issues of mental health and wellbeing. 

Extra support resource

Extra Support

This resource includes advice for engaging with children and young people and signposts places where additional support can be found. 

Other Mental Health Resources

Place to be
Place2Be launched the first-ever Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now in its seventh year, they hope to encourage more people than ever to get involved and spread the word.
You Wellbeing
The Youth Wellbeing Journey is by young people for young people! Hope Together have created a video series to run in tandem with the series for adults, to help young people go on the same Wellbeing Journey. Filmed from the perspective of four young people, we are excited to see lots more join them and discover more of God’s plan for their own wellbeing.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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