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Written in a quirky, contemporary, accessible style, Diary of a Disciple offers a way into the Bible for the next generation.
Developed to support numerous events, the mission booklets centre around presenting what Christians believe in a series of simple steps. Great for handing out to children aged 5 to 8 and 8 to 11.
Making the change from primary to secondary school can be really stressful. It's Your Move is packed with wise advice to help children make the transition, and provides true stories from young people who have already taken that big step.
Starting school is a big milestone for a young child. It's Your Next Step provides children and their parents/carers with the help needed to start their school adventure.

Guardians of Ancora

Enter the wonderful world of Ancora and play your way through exciting Bible Quests. Live the incredible adventures of the Bible for yourself in this free app.
Take the world of Ancora into a holiday club setting and help children explore stories about Jesus.

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