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17th July 2018

In a world where fake news fills the internet, how do we know that the good news of Jesus is not just another story? 

Lizzie Evans reflects on 2 Peter 1 

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16th July 2018

Open or closed - what's your curtain preference?! Maybe you prefer the 'torn in two' option! Join Gemma Willis as she reflects on Hebrews 10...

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15th July 2018

It's easy to think we're never good enough for God - but he always chooses us to be on his team... Join Robin Gerrard as he reflects on Ephesians 1.

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13th July 2018

How would people describe your younger self? What would they remember you for? Does it really matter?

Join Suzy Pearson as she reflects on Luke 10...

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The 95 block

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