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North East England & Yorkshire

In the North East and Yorkshire we are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people. We work in conjunction with churches and other local partners, all aimed at making Jesus known

What's happening...?

The North East & Yorkshire regional team are pioneering an approach to mission that is focused on the needs of the local community.
Details about our regional holidays and short breaks including links to book
Details of volunteering opportunities and links to sign up to volunteer at forthcoming events

What's been happening?

A youth club tour, lessons in schools and a gig in a local nightclub connect with many young people
Helped by Scripture Union's Good News Fund, children from Durham Diocese are making lots of plans to share their faith with their friends.
A big focus for us is to engage children and young people who aren't in church, and one of the ways we do this is through sports and games. That's why we're putting a special focus on connecting with children and young people through sports mission.
95% of children and young people are not in church. We have been seeking to equip people to take action to respond to this challenging statistic.
Emily Finch, our local mission partner in York, has been playing an integral part in helping young people across the country to shine for God in their schools.

The 95 Campaign is launching near you!

Going to where the children are but the gospel isn't

It's estimated that a staggering 95% of children and young people in England and Wales aren't in church. So how are all those children going to hear the good news of Jesus? We certainly can't wait for them to step through our church doors. We need to step out and take the good news to them, meeting them where they are!

Meet the staff team

Within the North East & Yorkshire team there are five staff members. Each member of the team has a unique story, gifting and skill set to be used in partnership with local churches, volunteers and other organisations. From training volunteers or delivering school assemblies, to running community fun days and sports activities, we can help. Our team want to equip you to better serve your community. 

Mission partners

We believe that it is better to work together. We have lots of mission partners across our region that work in schools and within their communities. Find out more about what they are doing and connect with mission partners near you.

Need support with your ministry?

We'd love to work with you and help you get the most out of your children's and youth work. Get in touch and let us know how you think we can help, and we'll see if we can make it happen! 

We can offer training support for workers as well as helping you create opportunities to reach out to children and young people who don't yet know Jesus.

Contact the North East & Yorkshire staff team

SU regional workers appeal

Request a speaker

Your local SU worker would love to come and speak at your church, group or event. They can share stories of their work in your local area and inspire your congregation in sharing Jesus with the next generation!

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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