Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story Audio Chapter 11

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Diary of a Disciple: Luke's Story

Dr Luke has a story to tell. It's a super incredible, massively, mind-boggling totally AMAZING, absolutely awesome, epically HUGE story. Luke wrote down everything that happened because he wanted everyone, everywhere in the whole world to hear what he had to say.

Luke's Story tells you who Jesus is, what he did, the people he met, all the super interesting things he had to say, and it has a pretty jaw-dropping twist right at the end... 

Diary of a disciple: Luke's Story is a contemporary retelling of Luke's Gospel. Written in a quirky, contemporary, accessible style, Diary of a Disciple offers a way into the Bible for the next generation.

Now available in audio – download chapter 11 to start listening! 


  • 8-11 yrs
  • English
  • Author:
    • Gemma Willis
    Content type:
  • Resource (free)
  • Format:
    • Audio

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