Encounter with God Digital (April - June 2019)

Encounter with God is Scripture Union's daily Bible reading guide designed to lead you to a deeper understanding about what God is saying to you and to his world today. You’ll find its thorough and energetic investigation of the whole Bible inspiring and stimulating. And you’ll discover that its biblical exposition is complemented by pastoral warmth from a strong field of writers and contributors. As well as daily content, feature articles provide insights into Christian spirituality, tackle contemporary issues, and profile teachers who inspire.


Daniel 1–9; Psalms 49,47                 Paul Oakley
Luke 22–24                                       Graham Cray
Revelation 1–9;    Psalms 50,51       Andy Robinson
2 Kings 2–25; Psalms 52,53,54        Csilla Saysell
Worldview: As wise as serpents…    Tim Hastie-Smith
Galatians; Psalm 55                          Cor Bennema
Luke 7–9; Psalms 56,57                    Caroline Fletcher
Deuteronomy 1–7; Psalm 58             Tanya Ferdinandusz


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