Gameplay story video (chapters 2 and 3)

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Guardians of Ancora

Guardians of Ancora is a free-to-download game for children (upper KS1 and KS2) which brings the stories of the Bible to life. It is an amazing, free tool that you can use in your work in schools to deliver Religious Education lessons in a new way.

A video to demonstrate Guardians of Ancora gameplay. Use it with the Jesus and the Fishermen RE resource Lesson Four.

The complete scheme of work and accompanying resources are also available as an e-book: Guardians of Ancora Resources for Religious Education, which presents the material as four lesson plans and as a library of content.



  • 7–11 yrs
  • Education
  • School,
  • Schools clubs & groups
  • English
  • Content type:
  • Resource (free)
  • Format:
    • Video
    • Bible engagement


    The Aquaneer of Ancora

    Kal is the Aquaneer. He has to look after all the
    waterways in Ancora. He’s always busy and often can’t
    stop to chat. Canals, streams, waterfalls and the great
    aquavators run throughout the city, so he’s got a lot to do!

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