The Grumpy Owl and the Joy of Christmas animation

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Grumpy Owl Winter Scene

A beautiful, page-turn animation of the booklet The Grumpy Owl and the Joy of Christmas.

The Grumpy Owl and the Joy of Christmas tells the story of an owl who lived in an empty old barn. He was a grumpy owl. But when a man, woman and their donkey burst into his barn, making a lot of noise, the owl decides to fly further and further away to somewhere quiet where he can be alone. Can he find a lonely place? Or will he get back to his barn in time for a big, not-at-all grumpy surprise?

**Scroll down to watch a preview of the video**


  • 5-8 yrs,
  • 8-11 yrs
  • Christmas
  • English
  • Content type:
  • Resource (free)
  • Format:
    • Video

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