Rooted Journal (Pack of 10)

Rooted is a way of being, a way of thinking about long-term relational ministry with young people. Rooted works in any context, with any level of faith development and with any level of ability.

The Rooted model places the young person at the centre and seeks to provide space for that young person to grow, flourish and be nurtured in a safe, committed and compassionate Christian community.

The Rooted Journal (which comes in packs of 10) is designed to help young people explore issues around identity, purpose, self-worth, wellbeing and healthy choices. It is interactive, creative and reflective. The Rooted Journal works well alongside the sessions outlined in the Rooted Leader’s Guide but also works independently of these. It can be used in a small group or individual context.

The Rooted Journal gives young people the chance to make space to explore the differences that Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life in, appropriate and sensitive ways.


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