Treasures of the Snow

Annette knew that she could never forgive Lucien for what he did to Dani, and she was going to make sure that no one else forgave him either. But what is she going to do when she is lying injured in the snow, miles from home, and Lucien comes past? Will she accept his help?
Lucien's teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far-reaching consequences. Annette is intent on revenge and does all she can to make life a misery for Lucien. His only friend is the old man up the mountain who recognises his skill in carving wood and gives him new hope. Set in Switzerland this story of Annett, Lucien and Dani has caught the imagination of countless children.

The stories of Patricia St John are timeless classics and have been entertaining and challenging children and young people for generations. A classic story of love and forgiveness, Treasures of the Snow is as fresh now as when it was first published in 1950.


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