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A lunchtime or after-school club session for primary school children based around the football World Cup.


A session for lunchtime and after-school clubs for students aged 14+.

A Sticks for Stumps resource for use during the 2019 Cricket World Cup –...


Core Session 1:

This introductory session includes activities that allow the students time to get to know each other.


Session Aims:

  • To...

Core Session 2

This session looks at what the Bible says about leadership.


  • To explore what the Bible says about leadership and then...

Core Session 2: Talk outline

This talk is based on Titus 1: 5-11 and explores the characteristics of God’s leaders.  These notes are to enable you...


Core Session 2: handout

This handout enables the delegates to make notes while listening to the talk about God's leaders.


Core Session 3:

This session looks at some of the reasons to run a school Christian group and allows the delegates to develop a vision for...


Course Overview

The School Group Leaders Training course is designed to equip young people to become effective leaders of Christian groups and...

Higher Football is a Christian-based programme of eight sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, aimed primarily at children aged 8 to 11 – though with a...

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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