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Revealing Jesus Conference Top Tips

We are so excited that Revealing Jesus Conference is just around the corner. With a jam-packed programme uniquely crafted to inspire, encourage and equip you, as well as space for you to connect with faces, old and new, we simply can’t wait to gather in person together! Here are some top tips to help you make the most of the conference…

Getting to the venue

We'll be meeting at the Staverton Park Hotel in Daventry. It's an excellent venue, with purpose-built conference facilities and first-class accommodation for those joining us overnight. The hotel's postcode for your Sat Nav is NN11 6JT.

Arrival time(s)

If you're joining us for the full conference, your arrival time is 10:00am on Friday 26th November (with the first session kicking off at 10:45am).

Event Leaders, your arrival time is between 4:30pm and 6:00pm on Friday 26th November. Dinner is at 6:00pm.

If you're joining us for the special one-day gathering on Saturday 27th November, please arrive at 10:00am. Your first session starts at 10:45am.

Please do arrive in enough time to allow us to check your Covid proof (see below) and to go through the registration process (and grab a cup of tea or coffee).

Covid safety

To keep us all as safe as possible, and in accordance with the venue's guidance, we do require you to show proof of a negative test taken within 24 hours of arriving (or proof of natural immunity through a positive test within 180 days but outside of 14 days). You can read more about this in our Covid Safety Information document. We will be greeting all guests at the door and asking to see their negative test result (or proof of natural immunity). Unfortunately, you won't be able to enter the venue without one of these

Bring a face covering

We know it’s a familiar phrase, but we do strongly recommend that you pack one to bring with you. Whilst face coverings will not be compulsory at the event, the hotel encourages their use whilst walking in public areas. There will also be some who choose to wear a face covering and we absolutely support anyone (team or guest) who would prefer to wear one, and there may be situations where you decide you do want one. We will not be providing any face masks, so please do bring your own.

Please remember that some people will be thrilled to be back in the company of others and longing to grab a long-awaited hug, while others may feel a handshake is a step too far at the moment. Wherever you find yourself on the sliding scale of social distance, that’s ok! Let’s be sure to honour each other and maybe be prepared to be rejected for a hug.


Parking is right outside the entrance, so head down towards the golf course and look for signs and friendly faces to help. Parking is free. If you are arriving on the Friday morning, please could you leave your luggage in your car until the bedrooms are available later in the day. We'll let you know when you can collect your bags and check-in properly.

The schedule

You have already received an overview of the schedule. When you arrive, you’ll be given a welcome bag which will have our Conference Programme in it with all the information you need. 


Let’s face it, we all look at the schedule to know when we’ll be getting fed and watered. Well don’t worry, we’ll be looking after you! For full weekend delegates, all food is included. For day delegates lunch and dinner are provided on Saturday. There will be regular refreshment breaks for tea, coffee and water to keep you from snoozing.

Seminars, Workshops and Lightning Talks

We know that everyone enjoys gaining understanding in different ways, which is why this year we are providing a variety of breakout spaces. of course, we've got your typical seminars but also have more interactive seminars and workshops, and even short TED-style lightning talks for you to enjoy.

We hope you’ve already booked your desired session, but if not – it’s not too late. The breakout rooms do have maximum capacities, so we do recommend that you book to avoid disappointment. Book Now.

On the day, you can try just turning up. But for those sessions that are fully booked, the room host will ask you to wait outside so we can give priority to those who have booked. So, if you’ve already booked your slot, be sure to head straight to your breakout room at the beginning of the session to avoid being gazumped!

After Hours

After Hours is a brilliant opportunity in the evenings to unwind, with a range of activities to provide the space to have some fun. We've got Artless Theatre Co. taking to the stage on Saturday evening along with board games in the bar if you want something a little bit quieter, giving you the chance to catch up with people you may have not seen for years (literally!). And of course, there'll be plenty of space to take some time for yourself, if that’s what you need.

Leisure facilities

If you're staying at the hotel (Friday - Sunday delegates) you will also have free use of the hotel's excellent leisure facilities (gym and pool). Don't forget to pack what you need to enjoy those!


The Prayer Room will be open during the workshop times and After Hours. There will also be people available there who would love to pray with you. Do make use of it!

Check out the Bookshop

The SU staff team have created some incredible resources to help you reach the 95, and there will be plenty of opportunities to visit our Bookshop during the conference to take a look. So keep your eyes peeled for the opening times and you’ll be able to see what’s on offer and chat to our team! 

Take notes

With such a jam-packed schedule, you won’t remember everything! Taking notes of what you’re thinking and dreaming about, and what God is saying to you, is a brilliant way of recording the event. You'll be able to reflect back on those inspiring sound bites and verses, and look back in years to come at where you were at that moment. And, of course, you’ll probably want your Bible (or Bible app). There’s also space at the back of the programme for you to make notes if you want to keep everything together.

The Conference Team are here to help!

This year, our Conference Team is made up of Richard Shaw, Rachel Warwick, Eddie Nock, Simon Barker, Bex Jignasu, Jo Morley, Chloe Shivraj, Clare Walker and Zoraida Ali Smith.

Our Prayer Team is led by Margaret Lilley (South West Team Leader) and Gaenor Hall (Senior Fundraising Manager).

We also have a host of wonderful volunteers, predominantly from our SU staff, who will all be at the event to help make it happen and to help you – we want you to feel welcome and happy. Just look out for someone with a Conference Team lanyard or go to the desk where you registered when you arrived and we’d love to help in any way that we can.

Holiday and Mission Leaders

Jo Morley and the events team are all here and would love to chat with you, so do seek them out informally as well as coming along to your dedicated sessions. All our field staff are here as well, so it’s a great opportunity to meet up with your linked Mission Enabler face to face for a catch-up.

Give your feedback

We are always open to feedback as we look at how we can better support you as you work with the 95, but we can only improve with your help and comments. So grab one of the Conference Team or get in touch with us afterwards at [email protected] to let us know of anything that you found didn't quite go as you expected. 

See you soon!

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