Scripture Union Conference

The 2018 Scripture Union Conference

"Sharing the good news: Exploring the challenges, embracing the adventures..."

About the conference

The SU conference will be a gathering focused on mission partners, all field staff, key volunteers and SU council members, and will be specifically tailored to practically equip and encourage you in your ministry with the 95% of children and young people not in church.

When is it? Tuesday 17th April 4.00pm – Thursday 19th April 2.00pm

Where is it? Kings Park Conference Centre, Kings Park Road, Northampton, NN3 6LL. Find out more

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We'll be running two workshop streams during the conference. Take a look at what's on offer below, then select one workshop from each stream to attend here.

Stream 1: Sharing the good news

1. Self-care
Marmite? Love it or hate it? We all know that caring for ourselves and our relationship with God is vital but does the thought of attending a workshop on it elicit the same kind of response? This workshop will follow on from the keynote session ‘Resting in God…good news for us’ and will explore practical insights into how we can care for ourselves, whatever your personality and your views on Marmite! Book

2. Innovation and creativity
Creative space to explore and develop pioneering new content and ideas that will help children and young people to explore the difference Jesus makes to the challenges and adventures of life. All creative resources provided! Book

3. Doing digital – digital as a mission medium
Most of us spend a good chunk of our time each day in the digital world, but how do we talk about God with a digital generation? Come to this workshop to explore ‘doing digital’ - as part of your face to face work with children and young people. Book

4. Storytelling... your best weapon for good!
Stop for a second and think of a great story you’ve heard. Why do you remember it? Stories have the power to cut through the noise, to engage emotions and to leave a lasting impression. And that’s why they’re such an important tool for us as charities in getting our message across. From crafting the perfect narrative to using the right tools to make the most impact, this workshop will help you get to grips with storytelling in a digital world. Book

Stream 2: Exploring the challenges, embracing the adventures

1. Using the Bible to share the good news – a reminder of how incredible and relevant the Bible is
What is the good news and why is it so good? Terry will encourage us to discover and share creative ways of exploring it in the Bible with children and young people.Book

2. Children and young people making a difference
Carolyn and Dan will be sharing from their vast experience in this area as well as building on their conference keynote sessions with plenty of opportunity for you to contribute and share your experiences. Book

3. But faith is a private thing, right?
Do we really live in the real world? Do we know how the 95 think? What makes them tick? How does contemporary culture affect the way children and young people engage with faith? Book

4. Sharing our Learning
Since launching The 95 Campaign twelve months ago, we’ve been trialling and evaluating many new types of mission across England and Wales. In this workshop, we will be sharing our findings as well as asking you to contribute your learning to our next piece of research. Book

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We've got a jam-packed programme lined up for the conference. You'll find all the information and timings here

Book your place

Book your place

We do not have the usual number of bedrooms available at Kings Park. Therefore, in order to accommodate as many people as possible, we would like to ask if you would be willing to share a twin en-suite room. Further details can be found on the booking form.

Mission Partners - one place is free per mission partner and is part of your trust annual donation to SU. If more than one person will be attending the conference the cost per head is £140.00.

Keynote speakers

We're delighted to welcome our keynote speakers Carolyn Edwards and Dan Randall.

Carolyn Edwards

Carolyn Edwards

Carolyn is a lecturer at Cliff College, Derbyshire in evangelism, mission and ministry.

Prior to working at Cliff College, Carolyn was Deputy Director of CYM Oxford and Senior Tutor in Children and Family work. Carolyn has over 25 years’ experience both in the area of evangelism and mission with Scripture Union and as Children’s Evangelist for her church. Carolyn is passionate about family and friends, good coffee, and looking at beautiful things!

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Dan Randall

Dan Randall

Dan is the Assistant National Director of Pais UK and is the Youth Pastor at Life Church Lancashire. He is our second keynote speaker with good links with Scripture Union in the North West and is one of the partners we work with within HOPE. Dan has a background working with young people and will bring a fresh challenge to our approach as we look to engage with the 95%. Dan is passionate about seeing a generation of young people rising up to live fearlessly for Jesus. Dan loves music and helped to set up an unsigned music studio and radio station in Burnley, he also loves Burnley FC and coffee.

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Further details

We really look forward to seeing you at the conference in April. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email the conference planning team or contact your regional team.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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