Arwyr Ancora

Arwyr Ancora launch

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Arwyr Ancora launched on 29 May. A fantastic resource to help Welsh-speaking children explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures in their lives

Arwyr Ancora launch

The Urdd Eisteddfod is an institution in Welsh-speaking communities in Wales and beyond. It is the biggest cultural youth event in Europe, with a footfall of around 70,000 children, parents, teachers and visitors. The SU Cymru team have been helping the Cytun (Churches Together) team in their work with children and young people over the last few years. However, this year we are excited to have been doing something completely different!

This year we were delighted to have the opportunity to launch Arwyr Ancora a Welsh-language version of SU's award-winning app Guardians of Ancora. We were joined by Martyn Geraint, who has written a Welsh translation of the Ancora theme song, along with a number of members of the Arwyr team. We gave children and young people who attended the chance to be among the first to try out Arwyr Ancora on our stall, take part in an Ancora photo booth and enter our competition to win a tablet.

Our team were particularly keen to build links with schools that might want to run Arwyr Ancora clubs as a great way for children to be able to explore the stories of Jesus and to help and encourage children to download the app for themselves.


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