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Christmas is coming....

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Let me set you a scene.

A gazebo, some Christmas lights, a clothing rail with brightly coloured costumes of all shapes and sizes and a straw filled manger where a baby doll lies.

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'Star at the Stable' gives people in the community an opportunity to put themselves in the nativity picture and gives those involved in running it a chance to engage in conversation about Jesus at Christmas time. Some people may only stay for five minutes dressed up as nativity characters. Others stay longer to chat, to ask questions and to find out more.

This Christmas season has started early for Scripture Union Cymru. The team have travelled the length and breadth of Wales, working alongside churches of all denominations, to pop up at different community events with ‘Star at the Stable’.

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In the town of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan, a member from a local church built an actual wooden framed stable for the turning on of the High Street lights. They had many people from the community come and engage with the event and have their photo taken in the scene. 

dressing up, christmas, star at the stable

In Llandudno, working alongside churches of the town, the team saw 322 adults children and young people come through the stable over the town’s Christmas market weekend.

This is also the season where we see volunteer church groups working together to put on an event called 'Christmas Wrapped Up' for their local primary schools. Our team have been busy planning and supporting these groups as they have the amazing opportunity to invite schools into their churches and to share about the story of Jesus being born at Christmas.

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