Estate sports

Estate sports

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Richard Witham, Sports Mission Leader, talks about taking the good news into public spaces

Let's get out...

We are utterly committed to local churches and Christians to join in with their local communities in their local public, shared\third spaces. This combined with serving their local schools and building connections with the local church and its activities has proven to be an effective model of ministry and a fantastic way for local Christians to be part of their local communities.

  • In the well established sports projects in Liverpool, Widnes, Gloucestershire and London children and young people encounter Christians and learn about the gospel on a weekly basis with hundreds of young people being met on the Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs). This has led to new projects beginning around England and Wales with new initiatives starting in North Wales, Cornwall, London, Southport and Manchester in 2017.

"The work on the MUGA is simple: we go in twos and threes to play, talk and listen to the children and parents. God opens doors for us to speak about him and invite people to church." Church volunteer

  • The Scripture Union Welsh team have a more child and family focus where they run dozens of pop up missions in local parks for an afternoon or two. This short term simple approach is really effective in building real relationships in the community and sharing faith.
  • A Scripture Union mission partner in Pimlico connects with hundreds of young people every week through serving hot chocolate on the estate as they come home from school as well as chatting to them they build relationships through sport. As well as the classic sports such as football they also do free running an approach which our current Sports trainee is keen to develop.

Richard Witham 
Sports Mission Leader


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