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Growing Grow Communities

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Our vision is to enable all children and young people across England Wales explore faith and find their eternal hope in Jesus, will you help us?

For 95% of children and young people finding Jesus within the setting of the church is a very foreign concept. Faith Guide Charis set up Believe Club, a Grow Community at the heart of a council estate, to reach children who would not otherwise have much of a connection with the church.

‘…he had never prayed out loud before, it was amazing.’

Believe Club, as named by the children, is now a community within their school. The children look out for one another as they continue to discover how faith in Jesus works for them in their own day to day lives. It comes with many challenges but as Charis shares, they are all worthwhile when small, yet significant breakthroughs like Tim’s happen…

‘The Grow Community quickly grew from just six children to more than twenty, meeting regularly to explore faith, who God is and discover what that means for them on a personal level.’
I normally do an end of session prayer and Tim*, one of the boys I would’ve least expected, came up and asked whether he could do it. 

At this point no one in the group had ever prayed out loud before. He asked everyone to close their eyes, so they didn’t look at him, he put his hands together and then he prayed an amazing prayer about people with memory loss. He must have had someone in the family that was suffering from that. It was so sincere, he asked God if He could step in and make people better like He did in the Bible, and asked that even if they couldn't remember Tim, can they at least remember God?’

It’s moments like this that gives us hope for the children and young people of our nation, all 12 million of them – that they too will find faith in Jesus. 

Hope for the future

We now have more that 80 Grow Communities around the country in a variety of different contexts, but all pursuing one goal – to explore faith and help children to find Jesus.

In 2023 we are praying that many more Faith Guides can be trained up and released into their own local communities and that we can further support them by employing more Mission Enablers – who are trained to equip them further and offer additional help and guidance as they work with the 95. 

Grow Communities

Reaching the 95 together

Each Faith Guide is committed to working alongside children and young people for the long run, cultivating faith-based relationships, and making a lasting commitment to journey with them through the adventures and challenges of life.

Developed alongside churches, we’re creating relevant and culturally appropriate worshipping communities, where children and young people can thrive because the spaces are designed around their needs and interests and are spaces they can easily engage with. We call these our Grow Communities.

The 95 block

Together, we can reach the 95% of children and young people not in church

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