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Guardians of Ancora clubs in the South West

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In the south west we have set up and run clubs using Guardians of Ancora as the basis for an event session lasting approximately 45 minutes

Using Guardians as a mission event

With the help of our Mission Enabler Chris Eales, Guardians of Ancora clubs have been set up and run in many schools across north Devon. The children were very keen and enjoyed the club with some good discussions generated.

Other clubs have been started in Swanage with Local Mission Partner “The Wave” as well as in Chippenham with “Synergy”.

One Guardians of Ancora club was in Tawstock. Following an exciting 'It’s Your Move' outdoor session and a whole school Guardians of Ancora assembly, the take up for the new Guardians of Ancora club was overwhelming. So much so that we had to make a waiting list for another Guardians of Ancora club to start as soon as the first one finished. The club went very well with lots of great discussions.

Many of the children from these events have had no contact with Scripture Union and don't attend church.

The sessions run for up to six weeks to fit into school half-terms. There are lots of resources to help run a club that will fit your situation, whether that is in a local school, after-school club or for a special event.

Do you like this idea? Is it something you could explore doing locally? If so, please contact us using the form on our main page.

Find out how to set up your own Guardians club


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