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Guardians in Gateshead

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Pupils in years three and four at a Gateshead school have enjoyed exploring the stories of the Bible using Guardians of Ancora

Enthusiastic response

For several years local churches have been going into the school and delivering Open the Book acts of collective worship. When Linda Watkin, Methodist minister and Open the Book team leader, heard about Guardians of Ancora, she decided to contact the school to see if they would be interested in an after school club.

The reaction she got was so positive that she contacted Geoff Brown, Scripture Union development worker (schools), for advice and support. Geoff was able to work with Linda to get the club set up and running and, together with Peter, a volunteer from a local church, they ran the club for six weeks on a Wednesday afternoon. Looking back Geoff says:

"It was so good to help the children encounter the stories of the Bible in fun and exciting ways."

Boy playing Guardians

Everything you might need

One of the great things about this sort of club is that they are so easy to set up and run. In this case, the school provided us with 12 iPad minis that we could use each week. Scripture Union have produced a fantastic book that contains everything needed to run a club which includes sample letters, help to use the app, session outlines, quizzes, introduction activities and response activities.  Really it could not have been easier.


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