Hope amidst uncertainty

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23rd October 2018

With an ever changing world, where can we find security?

Neil Jackson reflects on Hebrews 6 

Read: Hebrews 6

Brexit, Universal credit, celebrity divorce, the economy - just a few examples of where broken promises seem to fill our news every day. Our lives can seem in danger of being played out on forever shifting sands. What do we do? How do we cope? What can we hold onto? We all need some certainty, security, confidence, hope.


When I was a child I lived near Southampton Water and a friend and I started walking around on the muddy bog besides that waterway. Very soon the inevitable happened and I got stuck. My friend tried to give me a hand but then he got stuck too - we found ourselves sinking slowly but surely into the mud! Fortunately, our parents were nearby, though there was little they could do by themselves without also getting stuck. So they found someone who really could help - a man with a Land Rover and a rope - someone who was able to pull us to safety.

A large all terrain vehicle going through a muddy bog.

I’m encouraged that God’s promises are like that Land Rover and rope that saved me and my friend. Hebrews 6 assures me that while everything else may fail me, God’s promises are as secure as an anchor. Just as the Old Testament prophet Abraham trusted God wholeheartedly, so can I. There is no stress of having to reboot my faith every time I muck up either - God has securely got hold of me and he has got amazing things in store for me!

In these times when hope can be such a scarce commodity this is good news to share with everyone I know that they too can share that same confidence.


Neil Jackson

SU Development Worker, North East and Yorkshire

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