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Introducing our new Mental Health Suite

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Sadly, many children and young people today struggle with poor mental health. But thanks to your generous support, we’re now able to help churches to reach out to them. Your gifts have helped us to launch a Mental Health Suite to enable churches to begin to explore the issues with children and young people, as well as outline the hope that Jesus can offer

Last year Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, observed there was an ‘epidemic’ of mental health disorders in young people, especially teenage girls. She added that NHS clinics were struggling to cope with an epidemic of self-harm, anxiety and depression, fuelled by the pressures of social media and increasingly demanding school environments*.

Gemma Willis

‘Jesus came so that we might have life, and have it to the full,’ says Gemma Willis, Head of SU’s Development Hub. ‘As Christians, we know that. But there are so many children and young people today who don’t. They don’t know that they are loved, valued and precious to God. They don’t know how to cope with loneliness and anxiety, or with grief and loss. It casts a big shadow over many young lives.

‘So, thanks to your support, our team developed the new Mental Health Suite. This helps churches to begin to explore the issues around health and wellbeing and to share how knowing Jesus can give hope and real purpose to the lives of the children and young people they reach out to. The contributors included Christians that have been through mental health issues themselves and have discovered how being able to lean on Jesus in those situations makes all the difference.

‘Mental health and wellbeing can be a difficult and sensitive topic, and it’s really important that churches know when a child or young person they’re working with might need extra help. So each of our mental health resources comes with a guide on where to get extra support if needed.’

"It’s really important that churches know when a child or young person they’re working with might need extra help."

SU’s Mental Health Suite has been endorsed by the Mental Health Foundation. ‘Scripture Union’s resources are well thought out and accessible to younger audiences,’ says Dr Antonis Kousoulis, their Director for England and Wales. ‘The range of activities is impressive, using a variety of means like video, song, art, and group activities to explore what mental health can mean to diff aren't people. A real strength comes from the lived experiences of some of the people involved in the resources, ensuring that they overall explore a difficult topic in a balanced way.’

What’s in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Suite?

The Lost Sun
An animated story and associated resource for younger children experiencing fear and anxiety. FREE
Through the Wood
A set of storytelling postcards for those working with children aged 5-8, enabling discussion around issues of grief and loss. £4 a set
Like Me?
Four sessions for a group of 8-11-year-olds looking at self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect. FREE
Is anybody listening?
A brand-new spoken word video and accompanying workshop to help teenagers reflect and discuss social media and personal value. FREE
Chloe's Story
A personal story of overcoming anxiety and building a positive sense of worth and self-esteem. Includes a video interview with Chloe, a video of a song she wrote and some group work material. FREE

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