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SU’s Lagger Camps have been running for well over 20 years, providing holidays for children where they can have fun, encounter Jesus and grow in relationship with him 

Scripture Union Development Worker Steve Hutchinson, along with his wife Judy, have led camps at The Lagger in Gloucester for over 20 years – recently passing the baton over to new, young leaders to ensure it continues to flourish.

The camps originally started as follow-ups to the missions and holiday clubs that Steve ran in the area, giving children the chance to find out more about Jesus. 

They have been thrilled to hear of so many children coming to faith at Lagger – including one who did so halfway up a tree! 

Many Lagger campers have come back on the team to help the next generation of children have a great time and discover Jesus for themselves.  During Lagger Clubtime (songs and stories), team members get put on ‘The Spot’ and are asked about how they became Christians. It’s great for children to hear from young people how they made friends with Jesus when they were younger, right there at a Lagger Camp.

Every year Steve visits schools, community groups, X:site and church midweek clubs to invite children to come to Lagger Camps. He leads with songs, videos and stories so the children get a taste of Lagger, and know that it is about Jesus.  Often he takes pyrography woodcraft (Google it!) that was made for camp so they can have a go at that too. Some children come just knowing him from his visit to school, others come with a friend. Steve and Judy are delighted that so many children choose Lagger as their first time away from home without their family.  

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The camps have a really friendly, family feel.  

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