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Lifepath Malmesbury Abbey

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Lifepath events give Junior school pupils the opportunity to learn about the life of a local historic Christian, providing the perfect springboard to encourage them to reflect on their own lifepath.

Lifepaths happen all over the country and focus on the life of a whole range of famous Christians from history.  You can find out more about what a Lifepath entails here. One of the Lifepaths coming up will take place at Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire in June. 550 children are already booked in over the three days, coming with their school in whole class groups. A great day of workshops, stories, and songs to help the children discover the lifepath of the monks as they followed Jesus is planned. 

Steve Hutchinson, SU Development worker, is particularly pleased that his role is to share the story of Eilmer, the flying monk, who believed in God and in science. 

Can you help?

We are always in need of help at Lifepath, so if you could be free during the school day at the end of June, please email us and let us know. It's great fun and you won't regret it (and we'd be very grateful, as would the children).

We can provide a range of volunteering opportunities. Perhaps you'd like to sign up to be a Pilgrim Guide and lead a group of 15 children through the day (they have teachers with them, so it’s not too onerous) or maybe you think you'd be better suited to leading a workshop in the Abbey? We have workshops planned on a variety of themes so we're sure there's something to suit you.

Find a Lifepath near you

Lifepath Malmesbury has been running for four or five years, but other Lifepaths around the country have been going much longer. 


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