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A New Adventure

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Soul Survivor was a reviving experience for me, and really opened my eyes to God's presence, and how to live a Christian life as a teenager.

Scripture Union took a group of young people to Soul Survivor, which is a huge Christian festival for young people lasting 5 days. The festival has so much to offer: talks that apply to life, space to hangout, sports, music, skating and plenty of food. Before Soul Survivor I had thought about God but I didn't feel I was ready to make a commitment to follow Jesus. I thought that decision would come at a later date for me. However, when I arrived, I felt an amazing sense of peace and freedom that made me want to find out more. So I decided to respond to Jesus and live my life differently.

Over that week I realised that by becoming a Christian we can benefit from participating with other Christians and grow together as we live the kind of life God would want us to live.

"I also realised that being a Christian can be fun, which I thought was impossible!"

There were several talks that made me curious to find out more about God so I would often go back to camp and research by reading the Bible for myself. The atmosphere was mesmerising and the times of worship were life transforming. I have even told my friends about the experience and it has helped them see Christianity differently.

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In the morning of day 2, there was a talk on what it means to see God as a father figure. This really spoke to me on a personal level. I have always had a fear of getting prayer, but when my friends noticed I was upset, they prayed for me, and I had an encounter with God. When I opened my eyes, I felt a great sense of joy and like there was a light inside of me that needed to be shared with others, and from that day, I haven't felt unworthy or unloved since.

The transformation from an atheist to a Christian is an experience I would have never expected at the beginning of this year.

I went into soul survivor with not many expectations and came out of it completely transformed and feeling a kind of joy, peace and love that I have never experienced before. The Scripture Union camp at Soul Survivor helped me on my journey of self development and self discovery, and it created memories for a lifetime!

We are heading back to Soul Survivor this year!


Lucy Cottee

I attend Regeneration Church, and have been going for a year. I started going to the youth group at church and then started to progress onto Church on Sundays as I became more comfortable. Soon I will be starting a maternity care apprenticeship, to progress onto becoming a midwife. I am excited to see where this journey of God will lead me.


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