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Developing local sports camps

Building on Scripture Union's fantastic holidays and missions programme has seen the trial and plans for the future development of non-residential sports camps. These are very local, amazing value and are ideal for sporty young people who have not yet attended a residential. 

"This was a fantastic way to build on the work I was doing in school and on the local MUGA." Sports camp leader

In 2016/17 Scripture Union trialled a couple of new non-residential sports camps which were established for local young people who had attended sessions in school and in the park as well as engaging with some of the church activities. 

The step up to a residential camp was too much for them so attending a local camp where they went home in the evenings was perfect. Due the success of these trials and a growing relationship with World Sports Ministries from summer 2017 through to the end of the year we are working on a replicable model which can be rolled out across England and Wales.

There are currently camps being planned in South Wales, London, Liverpool, Southport and Gloucestershire. When this second phase of the trial is complete we will be working to grow this brilliant model of ministry further. 

The model of non-residential camp sees sports coaching taking place in the mornings with games and activities taking place in the with a theme and story from the Bible being looked at as an integrated approach to the day. 


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