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Prayers for December 2021 – February 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning November 28

Please pray for reconnections!
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Sunday 28 Praise God for all those Faith Guides and churches that worked so hard to maintain connections with children and young people during all the ups and downs of the pandemic. Pray that he will renew their strength and bring a harvest from their endeavours.

Monday 29 Give thanks to God that at last we can meet in person again, and for all the wonderful opportunities that presents for us to share Jesus with children and young people.

Tuesday 30 Praise God for inspiring SU, Salvation Army and other mission organisations across Wales to set up Let’s Reconnect, to encourage churches and Faith Guides to reconnect with their communities and share his love with them.

Wednesday 1 Please pray that God will bless Lox, Kerry and other Faith Guides across Wales as they build relationships with children and young people, and for those relationships to multiply and strengthen.

Thursday 2 Please pray for the SU Wales team – John and Rachel Settatree, Helen Franklin and new Mission Enabler Jack Newbould – that God will bless their ministry and open doors to relationships with new churches and potential new Faith Guides.

Friday 3 Although 95% of children and young people don’t go to church, many are open to faith. Please ask God to continue to resource and equip SU, churches and Faith Guides to connect with those children and share the good news of Jesus with them in ways they will understand.

Saturday 4 With Christmas just a few weeks away, please pray for God to bless those Faith Guides and churches as they plan seasonal mission activities for children, families and young people in their communities.

Week beginning December 5

Sunday 5 The Bible Bus run by Scripture Union Austria has been on tour again this autumn, giving young people an interactive engagement with the Bible. Pray that the young people who have visited the exhibition will continue to show an interest in the Bible.

Monday 6 Local Mission Partner Actios working in St Neots has been looking to appoint a new worker and, all being well, someone will be in place by the time you read this. Please pray that the person appointed will settle in and be able to move things forward. Pray too for wisdom for the trustees as they plan for the future.

Tuesday 7 Pray for the Wales team as they meet together today to plan for the new year. Pray for them as they look to support Faith Guide churches this month in Christmas outreach events.

Wednesday 8 Please pray for the Mission Events team as they work on the website and booking systems in preparation for opening bookings for the 2022 holidays. Pray that the technology works smoothly and that people will be motivated to book for the coming year.

Thursday 9 Content Developer Leanne Sheppard and the rest of the team are putting the final touches to the SeeKing Jesus Collection. This is a new set of resources for Faith Guides working with 5- to 8-year-olds and their families in schools and communities. Pray that everything will be completed on time before Christmas.

Friday 10 Local Mission Partner Stort Valley Trust ask for prayer for growing relationships with schools in the Bishop’s Stortford and Saffron Walden area, as they offer support, care and wellbeing services to primary and secondary communities through their chaplaincy service.

Saturday 11 Pray for Rob Steward as he leads the SU North team. Pray for continued wisdom and blessing as he works with churches on Revealing Jesus, regional partnerships and with the staff team. Pray also for the planning of the new Easter residential (delayed for two years).

Week beginning December 12

Sunday 12 Pray for summer activities in Australia and New Zealand, especially for new camps in New South Wales, and for New Zealand’s three ‘E3’ wilderness journeys from 8–17 December. Students in their last two years of school engage in outdoor activities in the backcountry, strengthen their connections with God, others, and creation, and develop leadership skills.

Monday 13 Local Mission Partner Hunsley Christian Youth Trust partners with another local charity to deliver schools work through mentoring and Christian groups. Pray for the team as they meet with young people who do not feel valued that they may have wisdom and sensitivity and may show the love of Jesus.

Tuesday 14 Pray for Database Officer Meri Suokas as she helps others to become more familiar with the new supporter relations system and with their data needs, so that they can engage more effectively with supporters.

Wednesday 15 Thank God for the personal faith of each one of the Faith Guides. Ask God to deepen his relationship with them as they share their own faith journey with the children and young people in their communities.

Thursday 16 Pray for the health and wellbeing of our supporters, that during this advent time they will know the peace and presence of God and that his blessing would rest on them.

Friday 17 Pray for the team at National Mission Partner Festive as they seek to inspire and equip young people to live out and share their faith boldly whilst at Sixth Form and FE colleges. Please particularly pray for Christian Unions, many of which have lost momentum during the pandemic.

Saturday 18 Pray for Mission Enabler Lucy Pearson as she returns to work after maternity leave. Pray for her as she starts to talk with churches about Revealing Jesus and grows Rooted around the North of England.

Week beginning December 19

Sunday 19 Pray for the Christmas programmes being run by SU India, asking that through them many more children of other faiths would understand Jesus’ love.

Monday 20 In October and November, the North team met many churches on the ‘I Don’t Go to Church BUT…’ tour. Pray for the continued follow-up from these conversations, that churches will be excited by the Revealing Jesus framework and that deeper and more effective relationships will form.

Tuesday 21 Local Mission Partner CLIKS (Christian Links in Keighley Schools) is looking to employ a worker. Pray for good candidates (full time, part time, job share, older or younger). Pray too for a consolidation of relationships with schools and plans to restart Open the Book.

Wednesday 22 Pray for the bedding in of the new supporter relations system which will involve changes to staff processes. Pray that the benefits will start to be felt through greater efficiency and deeper relationships with supporters. Give thanks for Jim Winning (Supporter Care) and Dave Parsons (Finance) and their teams who have persevered through all the changes.

Thursday 23 Please pray for all those children and families who attended our holidays, missions and day camps last summer, that they will hold onto the truth that they encountered, and that Jesus will be very real to them as they celebrate Christmas this year.

Friday 24 Local Mission Partner Doncaster Schools Work Trust gives thanks to God that the doors into schools are still open. Pray that in a Covid world God will lead trustees and team Linda Gardner and Dan Budhi to new ways of reaching children with the good news.

Saturday 25 Pray that through the story and the colouring pages, the children receiving the God Became Like Me? booklet (and the Welsh version Ac Fe Ddaeth Duw Fel Fi?) will begin to understand that they are loved and special and that God sent Jesus to earth for them.

Week beginning December 26

Sunday 26 In October and November SU Nepal held nine day camps for children, reaching around 900 children. Please pray for lasting fruit and that the children will continue to think about what they discovered of Jesus.

Monday 27 Pray for the ‘Question of Faith’ days which Local Mission Partner Southampton City Mission will be leading in schools next term. Pray that as they share the importance of the gospel, seeds will be sown in the hearts and minds of children and staff.

Tuesday 28 Assistant Accountant Alicia Wallace returned to work in September after being away from work unwell. Pray that as she continues to catch up, she will have wisdom to prioritise and the energy to carry out the tasks.

Wednesday 29 Jill Warren, Content Assistant, asks us to pray for the three new resource collections for the Faith Guide Hub, which are due to become available at the beginning of 2022. Pray that they will be helpful and effective tools for Faith Guides as they begin a new year of sharing Jesus with the 95.

Thursday 30 Each Grow Community is connected to a local church. Please pray for good relationships between the church and the communities as they journey together.

Friday 31 Pray that the new worker with Local Mission Partner Trobwynt will be able to make good contacts with schools, churches and chapels which will enable them to help young people hear about Jesus. 

Saturday 1 As we enter this new year, pray for Scripture Union as we seek to refine the Revealing Jesus mission framework based on lessons learned to date. Pray that we’ll be able to embed it deeper into all that the movement is and does, and begin to apply it to the hybrid online/offline world in which children and young people live.

Week beginning January 2

Sunday 2 Please pray for the ongoing development for the Bible App being produced by SU Estonia. Pray that doors will open for international agreements, for professional help on a volunteer basis, necessary funds, and wisdom for content development.

Monday 3 Give thanks for the relationships that have been developing and strengthening over the last year between the team in the south west, Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners. Pray that they will continue to encourage and challenge each other to reach out in new and exciting ways in their communities.

Tuesday 4 Please pray for Rachel Warwick, Director of Mobilisation, and the Mobilisation team as they share stories of what God is doing through Scripture Union. Pray that he will use their work to inspire supporters to continue to pray, volunteer and give.

Wednesday 5 Please pray for the Board as they prepare to meet later this month. They will be looking at the budget for 2022–23 and setting objectives. Pray that as they think about the agenda items they will sense God’s leading and direction for the future of the movement.

Thursday 6 As we launch our holiday programme for 2022, please pray that many children and young people will book. Please pray particularly for those who have missed two years of holidays or who have never had the chance to go on a holiday before, that they will overcome any nervousness or anxiety.

Friday 7 Mission Enabler Jenni Whymark asks us to pray for good relationships with Faith Guides, and wisdom in supporting them as they seek to reach the 95 using the Revealing Jesus framework. Pray especially for Faith Guide Dom DeBoo as he starts Youth Alpha this month, asking that the course will be well attended, and young people will come to know Jesus.

Saturday 8 Pray that God will continue to reveal himself to the children and young people who meet regularly in Grow Communities to explore the Christian faith.

Week beginning January 9

Sunday 9 Ethiopia is passing through many security challenges with the civil war. People leave their homes and go to the neighbouring towns or countries. Many women and children become victims of this situation. SU Ethiopia asks us to pray that the government will have wisdom and that God will bring peace.

Monday 10 Please pray for Gemma Willis in her role as Head of Development Hub. Ask God to give her insight and wisdom as she makes decisions about where to prioritise capacity and resources in developing new material for those working with the 95.

Tuesday 11 Pray for the new Showtime Collection of resources which will help Faith Guides working with 14- to 18-yearolds to use drama to help young people discover Jesus, engage with the Bible, and have the opportunity to respond to God and grow in faith.

Wednesday 12 Please pray for Local Mission Partner Christians in Stockport Schools as they continue to grow their work to employ a new member of staff. Pray for the Storytelling Workshops using Diary of a Disciple in many schools over a three-week period.

Thursday 13 We are running online workshops for holiday and mission leaders to help equip them for the year ahead. Please pray that good connections will be made and that everyone will be inspired and excited for the coming year.

Friday 14 We thank God for the way in which he continues to meet our financial needs and rejoice in his faithfulness. Please stand with us in faith, as we trust God for our future needs.

Saturday 15 Please pray for Jim Winning and the Supporter Care team (Debbie Edge and John Cartwright) as they navigate their way through the new supporter relations system. Ask God that they will be able to maintain the high standards that they have been aiming for and that supporters will be inspired by stories of what God is doing.

Week beginning January 16

Please pray for our holidays and missions!
This week's prayers relate to this article.

Sunday 16 Give thanks to God for Alison Withers and Matt Smith, for their many faithful years of service in leading Polzeath Family Mission. Ask him to bless them as they continue to serve him in other ways.

Monday 17 Praise God for giving Toby and the Polzeath Family Mission team new opportunities this year to share faith with many more children and young people that don’t go to church.

Tuesday 18 Give thanks to God that, in spite of the challenges, 21 SU holidays and missions were able to take place in person last summer. Please pray for those children and young people who came – for those who already know Jesus to grow in their faith, and for those who don’t yet know him to be eager to find out more.

Wednesday 19 Give thanks to God for the opportunities for partnership between Polzeath Family Mission and Tubestation, the local church. Pray that God will bless and strengthen that relationship.

Thursday 20 Give thanks to God for all our amazing volunteer leaders and teams, who give so generously of their time, energy and enthusiasm so that a new generation of children and young people have the opportunity to encounter the God who loves them.

Friday 21 Praise God for the wonderful opportunities that trainees Ydson, Matt and Josh had at Polzeath Family Mission to learn to share their faith more boldly.

Saturday 22 Please pray for SU’s Head of Event Operations Jo Morley, her staff and volunteer leaders as they make plans for next summer’s holidays and missions.

Week beginning January 23

Sunday 23 SU Japan has an online group meeting for young people for 40 minutes on Sunday afternoons once a month. Pray that this will enable more young people to be nourished and sustained by God’s Word during these difficult times.

Monday 24 Please pray for the South East team as Josh Booth settles into his new role as Team Leader. As the team gather the Faith Guides across the region, pray that they would continue to be encouraged and equipped to share Jesus with the 95 in their local communities.

Tuesday 25 Gives thanks for Angela Feather, worker with Local Mission Partner Farne Churches Youth and Family Outreach, who has moved on to a new role. Pray for the appointment of a successor and for volunteers as they develop the work in schools and churches.

Wednesday 26 Give thanks for the growing impact of Guardians of Ancora and for the latest language version, Guardianes de Ancora. Praise God for the vision and hard work of SU global team member Davi Kruklis, project manager Julio Cesar Aliaga and their team in Bolivia in giving millions of children around the world the opportunity to discover the difference Jesus can make, by having material in their own language.

Thursday 27 Mission Enabler Toby Chant is excited about working with new Faith Guides in St Austell and Liskeard, and about relationships in Polzeath and Wadebridge that have come from the beach mission in Polzeath. Pray for him as he continues to develop the work in Cornwall.

Friday 28 Please pray that those who are stepping into leadership on holidays and missions for the first time this year will be inspired, equipped and supported as they take on these new challenges.

Saturday 29 Local Mission Partner Great Open Door in Harlow thanks God for their assembly team (Angela, Andy, David, Pam, Paul and Jo). Pray that they will have the health and strength to continue the work. Pray for two new team members.

Week beginning January 30

Sunday 30 SU Hong Kong will be celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. Praise God for his continual love, grace and provision for them, and his blessing throughout the years. Pray that they will be able to celebrate God’s goodness in ways that glorify his name.

Monday 31 Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story Journal builds on the success of the original book and will help children engage more deeply with the Gospel of Luke. Give thanks for writer Gemma Willis and artist Emma Randall and pray that this will help children grow in relationship with God.

Tuesday 1 Please pray for Cornelia Wright, Major Donor Fundraiser, asking that she will be able to effectively convey the vision and needs of Scripture Union with our partners in our mission to share the gospel with children and young people.

Wednesday 2 The Bus Stop, Local Mission Partner who work in north Yorkshire, have been through a period of reevaluation with the bus needing major work and changes on the team. Please pray for wisdom for the trustees as they seek God’s way forward.

Thursday 3 Pray that the young people who are part of Rooted groups will discover something of the love of Jesus as they explore together what faith might mean in their own situations.

Friday 4 Please pray for our team in the Central region, as they make plans for summer activities hoping they can restore those precious face-to-face relationships after a two-year gap and for opportunities to connect with new children and young people from the 95 through Faith Guides.

Saturday 5 IT Assistant Dom Vis asks us to pray for the smooth running of the IT infrastructure and that in these days of increased threats of cyberattack, the system will remain secure and be protected from any compromise.

Week beginning February 6

Sunday 6 SU Sri Lanka has had to postpone events for children and children with special needs. Please pray that they will be able to run those programmes in the coming days. Pray too that their online ministry will reach many children and young adults.

Monday 7 The Pimlico Foundation, an SU Local Mission Partner, aims to support and empower young people through clubs, mentoring, and a range of sports activities. Pray for good working relationships with schools, churches, police and the council.

Tuesday 8 Pray for continued inspiration and fresh creative ideas for Communications Assistant Chloe Shivraj as she works to effectively communicate the vision and mission of Scripture Union to a wide range of audiences in a variety of ways.

Wednesday 9 Pray for Susannah Quinn and Sue Hill as they make sure that all our volunteers are safely recruited and DBS checked. Pray that the process will go smoothly and that volunteers will be excited about the prospect of sharing the gospel with children and young people in the coming year.

Thursday 10 Please pray for Faith Guides as they begin to use the SeeKing Jesus Collection produced by the creative team within the Development Hub. Pray for them as they reach out and start to connect with schools, communities and 5- to 8-year-old children and their families.

Friday 11 Local Mission Partner Watford Schools Trust covers an area with 57 primary schools. Pray for the two schools workers, Tricia and Johanna, and administrator Alison as they plan for the Easter term and for good preparation for Easter lessons, assemblies and prayer spaces.

Saturday 12 Pray for the Digital Solutions team – led by Mark Green, Ian Gooding and Gill Russell – as they explore further possibilities for technical improvements, keep up to date with developments in technology and develop the understanding that will enable them to be less dependent on external suppliers. 

Week beginning February 13

Sunday 13 SU Finland is looking at different possibilities for new material for Bible reading. Pray that they will have wisdom to understand which materials would be most effective in helping people to read and understand the Bible.

Monday 14 Give thanks for those who faithfully served Scripture Union as staff members and are now retired. Many maintain an active interest in the work and meet annually to pray. During the pandemic this has not been possible, although they have met twice on Zoom. Pray that ways may be found to meet in person later this year.

Tuesday 15 One of the core values of a Grow Community is to study the Bible together. Pray that the children and young people in these communities would discover more of the living God as they explore his Word.

Wednesday 16 Matt Farley has been Mission Enabler in the central region for just over a year. Continue to pray that God will open doors for the preaching of the gospel, for Matt and for the Faith Guides he works with.

Thursday 17 Join Support Worker Tracy Jassal in giving thanks for the wonderful team of people she works with in the south west – staff, trainees, supporters, Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners. Please pray that Tracy will have continued good health and increased energy to enable her to be effective in her work.

Friday 18 It is a year since Nozipho Dube became our Trust Fundraiser. Please pray for continued wisdom and boldness in seeking trust income, giving thanks for those who have given in the past year. Pray that Nozipho can continue to build relationships with trusts who support the work and make new connections

Saturday 19 Local Mission Partner Lightspace works in 16 primary schools in Grantham, using a variety of approaches including clubs, prayer spaces and Open the Book. Pray for more volunteers to maintain and expand the work.

Week beginning February 20

Sunday 20 SU Russia praises God for the Teens’ camp they held last summer, kayaking on the river, reading the Gospels, cooking food on open fires and learning to cope with difficulties together. Pray that the young people will continue to grow and for plans for this summer.

Monday 21 Pray for Rachel Settatree, our new Safeguarding Manager, as she works hard to ensure that we are keeping everyone safe across all our events and activities.

Tuesday 22 Pray for the leaders of the holidays running over the Easter period as they prepare for the first physical holidays that they will have run since 2019. Pray for the teams to come together and have confidence as they pick up the work again.

Wednesday 23 Local Mission Partner Impact Schools Team is looking to appoint an additional part-time schools worker to cover Welshpool High School (North Powys) and the primary schools that feed into it. They have funding in place but no worker. Please pray that they will find a suitable candidate.

Thursday 24 Please pray for everyone running Guardians of Ancora clubs and for Faith Guides using the resources in the Faith Guide Hub collection. Thank God for the many thousands of children who are encountering stories of Jesus through the app – and pray that there will be a lasting impact.

Friday 25 Please pray for Faith Guides using the new Be More Micah resource collection for 14 to 18s. Pray for the impact of the resources and that young people from the 95 will come to see – and share – God’s heart for justice in the world.

Saturday 26 Mission Enabler Jack Newbould has recently had the opportunity to share the Revealing Jesus mission framework with a chapel in Llanelli that is primarily Welsh speaking. Please pray that God will help them see how it might enable them to reach their community. 


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