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Prayers for June – August 2021

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week Beginning May 30

Please pray for Faith Guides and other volunteers. This week's prayers are related to this story.

Sunday 30
Praise God for Joel and the many other people who have already signed up to be Faith Guides. Ask God to bless, inspire and guide them as they walk with children and young people on their faith journey.

Monday 31
Reflect on Matthew 9 verse 38 – with millions of children and young people not part of church, please pray that more people will become Faith Guides.

Tuesday 1
1–7 June is Volunteers’ Week, an annual celebration of volunteers across the UK. Celebrate with us as we give thanks to God for all our wonderful volunteers, in their many roles!

Wednesday 2
Think about the ways in which you give your free time in God’s service, and give him thanks for the ways he has blessed you through this.

Thursday 3
Please pray for all our holidays and missions volunteers, like Vicki Sellick (see article), and that we will be able to return to running our full range of events in person again very soon.

Friday 4
Give thanks to God for all those who volunteer in their communities, like Anna Davis (see article), helping children and young people to discover the joy of knowing Jesus for themselves.

Saturday 5
Praise God for young volunteers like Bradley Shaw (see article), and how God uses their commitment both to inspire younger people and to help them grow in their own faith and understanding

Week Beginning June 6

Sunday 6
Pray for the SU Global Board as they meet this week. High on the agenda will be preparations for the General Assembly which is due to be held 2–5 July. 

Monday 7
Sue Clutterham of Local Mission Partner Archway Trust (working in Northants) retires at the end of July. Give thanks to God for Archway’s ministry. Pray for the Trustees as they plan for future work amongst young families, so that the children with whom relationships have been established can be nurtured and discipled. 

Tuesday 8
Ask God to bless the technical team looking after our IT services. Pray that they might continue to provide leadership in digital transformation, enabling us to focus more of our time on our mission, rather than administration. 

Wednesday 9
There will be no residential activities this summer, but some will be replaced by online events. Some missions will be running in a reduced way and in line with current guidelines. Pray for activity leaders and team members as they prepare against this background. 

Thursday 10
Give thanks for Annabelle Mundy who started as a Development Hub Assistant at the end of April and pray that she will settle into her new role and make a positive contribution to the ministry. 

Friday 11
Local Mission Partner GenR8 (working in Cambridge) ask for prayer for their ongoing relationship with primary schools and for their team of volunteers as they look to reconnect and restart face-to-face work in the academic year ahead. Pray too for new volunteers to join the team. 

Saturday 12
Pray for Angela Grigson, Senior Content Manager, as she finalises the pages for the main resource book and the children’s booklets for the Diary of a Disciple holiday club material, which goes to press at the end of June and will be published in October.

Week Beginning June 13

Sunday 13
Pray for SU Denmark as they look for a new National Director, who can help inspire people to engage with God’s Word. Ask that God will lead them to the person of his choice. 

Monday 14
Pray that God will guide Local Mission Partner Matlock Area Schools Trust as they look to the future, wondering whether to appoint a new primary schools worker or to explore a new way of working as they take the good news of Jesus into schools. 

Tuesday 15
For many years the Lagger Camps run by Mission Enabler Steve Hutchinson have helped children to have a living encounter with God. Many missed out last year, so this year there will be non-residential days; pray that despite the disappointment of not being able to spend the week together these days will be very special and that children will be drawn closer to Jesus. 

Wednesday 16
Thank God for all the Faith Guides already registered. Pray for more opportunities for them to meet the 95 and to invite them on a journey of exploring relationship with Jesus. 

Thursday 17
Thank God for all who faithfully support the work of Scripture Union. Pray that they may have the ability to grasp God’s love in Christ and to see that God can do far more than we dare to ask or imagine (see Ephesians 3:16–21).

Friday 18
Local Mission Partner MINE Youth is based in East Newcastle. Tonight DJ Genesis will be joining their Friday night detached session in Walker Park. Young people will have a chance to try their hands at djing, learn some skills, and reflect through music on who they are and who God is.

Saturday 19
Pray for Grace Inwood, Facilities Administrator as she continues to make the SU national office, Trinity House, Covid-safe for staff returning to the office as the nation comes out of lockdown.

Week Beginning June 20

Sunday 20
Please pray for the WAY2GO children’s ministry conference being held by SU New Zealand next Saturday. Pray for the workshop leaders and for the key speaker Terry Williams, SU Global Children’s and Families Ministry Consultant.

Monday 21
At the heart of the new framework is the desire to see Grow Communities emerge. Pray for the team in the north region as they work to turn this into reality alongside churches who have established Grow Communities, are planning them or have yet to catch the vision.

Tuesday 22
LMP Beverley Schools Christian Trust has found opportunities for schools work limited in recent years, even more so during the pandemic. Please pray that as things open up, they and their partners will be able to forge good links with the secondary school. 

Wednesday 23
We are working towards the launch of a new database in September to help us stay better connected with supporters. Pray for staff users (Finance and Gifts for donations; Supporter Care for orders and subscriptions, Mission Enablers for the recruitment of new Faith Guides, as well as the Project, IT and Database teams) who are familiarising themselves with the system. 

Thursday 24
Mandy Hagon, PA to the Mission Development Director, asks us to pray for the Mission Development team as they prepare for a new director to join them and that the team would gel quickly. Pray for Mandy as she helps the director to settle in. 

Friday 25
Potters Bar holiday club ran for the first time in 2018 and involves all the churches in the town. Pray for Cath Hawes, Atalie Gaines and Joel Mercer as they take on leadership of the holiday club for the first time this year. 

Saturday 26
Please pray for Local Mission Partner Contagious as they relaunch with a new name, considering the changing landscape and new ways of serving Alnwick. Pray too that they will be able to bring youth cell groups together in person, especially reengaging those young people who have found Zoom hard.

Week Beginning June 27

Sunday 27
Praise God for his leading as seven of the SU movements across Australia unite to form SU Australia. Pray that this will lead to more mission opportunities and transformed lives and that the process of coming together will go smoothly. 

Monday 28
Please pray for Sam, Anji, Maddy, Alison, Cathy, Jo, Laura, Scott, Jay, Annie and Jon of Local Mission Partner Staffs Youth Net. Pray for the young people they will be connecting with over the summer, and as they hope to pick up a number of projects again next term. 

Tuesday 29
Pray for sensitivity and creativity for the Development Hub as they look to produce a completely new range of resources aimed to introduce the 5–8 and 14–18 age groups to Jesus. 

Wednesday 30
Pray for wisdom and insight for Gaenor Hall, Senior Fundraising Manager, as she works with the Fundraising team, developing supporter relationships and looking to increase levels of support for the ministry. 

Thursday 1
Pray for children and young people who have responded to Jesus’ invitation to lifelong faith as they form Grow Communities and find ways to continue to explore and grow in faith and understanding. 

Friday 2
Please pray for the concluding sessions of the ‘Moving to High School’ (It’s Your Move) project run by Local Mission Partner CSCW in Chester, for their first term delivering Kintsugi Hope wellbeing groups across high schools and the developing local school prayer group network. Pray for wisdom and guidance as plans take shape for the next academic year. 

Saturday 3
Thank God for blessing us throughout the Covid season with the early fruits of the Revealing Jesus framework, and for giving us the ability to learn and adapt to the new blended offline/online world we live in. As Covid restrictions relax, pray that we might continue to innovate boldly and refine our new vision for serving the church and the children and young people of England and Wales.

Week Beginning July 4

Sunday 4
Please pray for SU Sri Lanka who has 17 programmes planned for 2021. They ask that they may know God’s help to continue their mission in the midst of challenges and achieve their aim of reaching non-Christian children in new regions. 

Monday 5
Each year the south west region partners with Local Mission Partner South West Youth Ministries to give placements to trainees, giving missional experience and opportunities to grow as disciples of Jesus. Give thanks for this year’s trainees. Some will stay on to study for a theology degree, whilst others will move on and new ones will arrive. 

Tuesday 6
Pray for Sue Hill, Mission Events Coordinator, as the Mission Events team continue to process volunteer applications for the events that are able to run this summer. Pray for all those children and young people taking part that, as they hear about Jesus, they will respond by giving their lives to him. 

Wednesday 7
Please pray that Local Mission Partner ACTS and the churches in Thanet will work effectively together to be good news to children, families and schools. Pray for Maggie Paddison as she plans how best to serve schools and support them with wellbeing issues. 

Thursday 8
Scripture Union has been supporting the holiday club in Hexham for 50 years. Thank God for all the children who have encountered Jesus through the work of the holiday club and pray for the preparations for the coming summer. 

Friday 9
Terry Clutterham, Director of Culture and Innovation, is retiring at the end of July after more than 20 years at SU. Please join us in giving thanks for all the many ways God has used Terry in his ministry here. Pray for him and his wife Sue as they enjoy this next season of life together. 

Saturday 10
Give thanks for the trustees of Scripture Union England and Wales who bring varied skills and experience to the task of overseeing strategy and ensuring good practice and compliance. Pray for them as they meet next Thursday that God will guide their thinking.

Week Beginning July 11

This week's prayers relate to this story. Please pray for young Christians as they share their faith. 

Sunday 11
Reflect on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18–20) – praise God for how he is putting that desire to share their faith into the hearts of young Christians like Caitlin, Josh, Katie and Alice. 

Monday 12
Pray for young Christians across the country, that God will give them the wisdom to know when and how to share what Jesus means to them. 

Tuesday 13
Ask God to provide all young Christians with wise and spiritually mature mentors, whether through programmes like Amplify or within their own church communities, so they can develop in their faith. 

Wednesday 14
Reflect on 1 Timothy 4 verse 12 – pray that God will strengthen all young Christians to have courage and confidence to talk about their faith in their everyday lives. 

Thursday 15
Please pray for all the young Christians who have already been through the Amplify programme in the last three years that God will open up opportunities for them to serve him using what they have learned. 

Friday 16
Pray too for God to prompt church youth and children’s leaders across the country to prayerfully consider who they might put forward for the next Amplify course in 2022. 

Saturday 17
Give thanks to God for all the partners that deliver Amplify – Scripture Union, Youth For Christ, The Message, Pais Movement, Church of England, Alpha, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Advance, Luis Palau, Evangelical Alliance and HOPE Together. Praise him for the different gifts that each organisation is able to offer through its staff and volunteers.

Week Beginning July 18

Sunday 18
Pray for the participants in SU Singapore’s Certificate in Practical Children’s Ministry which was conducted via Zoom every Tuesday from February to May. Pray they will have a continuing passion to share the gospel with the next generation. 

Monday 19
Mission Enabler Neil Jackson asks us to pray for Faith Guide Chenda Nuttall who is based in Penrith in Cumbria and is running several outreach activities for families in August. Following on from this, families (most of whom are from outside the church) will be invited to join a new fortnightly family event ‘Family Zone’ which will be starting in September. 

Tuesday 20
Pray for churches that are using the Wonder Zone holiday club material this summer asking that children will get to hear and understand the good news of Jesus as they explore the wonders of the natural world. 

Wednesday 21
Local Mission Partner Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust is thankful that they were able to create digital It’s Your Move resources last year and is delighted to support Year 6 pupils of the Brentwood area with IYM lessons and books again this year. Please pray for these lessons. 

Thursday 22
Livewires is a technology holiday for 11- to 14-year-olds, and their online activities start today. Pray for good relationships and an openness to be established so that young people feel confident to explore faith and ask questions. 

Friday 23
Pray for Faith Guides as they help facilitate Grow Communities that they will find the right balance of support and nurture while letting the children and young people respond to Jesus in ways that are appropriate for them. 

Saturday 24
Pray for Bex Jignasu, Mission Partners Coordinator, as she continues to support our mission partners in the best way for them. Pray especially that she may be able to help them embrace and understand the Revealing Jesus framework, and help them to implement the vision.

Week Beginning July 25

Sunday 25
SU in English-speaking Canada has produced one-minute videos providing clear answers to some of children’s biggest questions as a free resource for children’s ministry workers, youth workers and parents. Pray that these will be widely used. 

Monday 26
Please pray for the South East team as they look to inspire the local church to reach out to the 95 through equipping, training and supporting Faith Guides. Pray that as they speak at church network groups across the region, churches would be inspired to join in this great adventure. 

Tuesday 27
Local Mission Partner Faith in Schools (who work in Newham) ask us to pray that they may revive their relationships with schools and churches (especially those they haven’t been able to work with regularly for the last 15 months) as they plan for the next academic year. 

Wednesday 28
Give thanks for the launch of Guardianes de Ancora, the Spanish version of the children’s Bible app, which is being used across the Spanish speaking world, including through 11 SU national movements. Pray that the app will be a way to bring God’s light to those who are experiencing difficult and sometimes dangerous times. 

Thursday 29
Thank God for the way that Mission Enabler Lisa Jones has been able to facilitate closer relationships between the Minnis Bay Mission and Local Mission Partner ACTS Thanet. Pray that this will lead to ongoing and effective year-round work with children and young people. 

Friday 30
Following on from a year of online work, the mission team are back in Minnis Bay this week. Pray for them as connections are re-established and for Avtar Hunter-Singh as he leads the team. 

Saturday 31
Join with Local Mission Partner Re:generation (Harrow) in praising God for the many online resource requests they have had from schools for RE lessons and assemblies. Pray that God will open doors in schools across Harrow and that the It’s Your Move sessions this term will have a lasting impact. 

Week Beginning August 1

Sunday 1
SU Japan thank God that their publication ministry has been active during Covid, three titles being published. Pray that sales will grow through visits to churches and through Christian bookstores. 

Monday 2
Some videos produced in schools before lockdown will be used for the Guardians of Ancora holiday clubs. Pray that through them children will engage with the Bible stories in life-changing ways. 

Tuesday 3
Give thanks for Mission Enabler Hannah Legge who has just returned from helping run Sports Ministry outreach at CreationFest, a Christian festival in Cornwall. Pray that the hundreds of children and young people who attended will continue to grow in their understanding of Jesus and how much he loves them. 

Wednesday 4
Please pray for the staff and volunteers of Local Mission Partner The Lighthouse Project in Crawley as they prepare for the start of the new school year. Pray that schools will welcome them back and that they will have many opportunities to share the Christian faith and values with children and young people. 

Thursday 5
Give thanks for the way in which the Rooted programme has enabled many young people to explore what Jesus means to them, at their own pace and in their own way. Pray that the resources and the groups will continue to help young people find a meaningful relationship with Jesus. 

Friday 6
Please pray for the central region staff team (Simon Barker, Steve Hutchinson, Hannah Legge, Matt Farley and Karen Quinney) as they support Faith Guides in their summer outreach activities as well as those SU holidays and missions taking place across the region either face to face or online. 

Saturday 7
Give thanks for Regional Mission Team Leader in the south west, Margaret Lilley, who has been on staff for almost 21 years. Pray that as she takes a sabbatical later this month it will be a time of rest, reflection, and spending time with her family.

Week Beginning August 8

Sunday 8
SU Malawi praise God for the 220 teachers they trained to run Bible clubs and respond to the problem of teenage pregnancies and school dropouts. Pray for the implementation of the Smooth Stone Sport project to share the good news with at-risk young people. 

Monday 9
Please pray for trustees of Local Mission Partner Bodmin Youth Project (Jon, Steve, Alistair and Lizzy), as they seek God’s guidance for the future of the work which provides youth groups for the churched young people and a football outreach in the town. 

Tuesday 10
Our National Director, Myles MacBean, asks us to pray for vision, guidance, wisdom, stamina and the right heart as he seeks to continue serving Scripture Union across the many facets of the movement and with many competing priorities for his attention. 

Wednesday 11
ort St Mary Beach Mission is 120 years old this year. Thank God for the way the mission has grown and adapted to reach children and families from across the Isle of Man and pray for those stepping into new roles this summer due to the uncertainties of travel to the island as a result of Covid. 

Thursday 12
Pray that as Faith Guides use Go Wild resources this summer, children will get to know the great Creator God as they explore the great outdoors. 

Friday 13
Trevor Ranger of Local Mission Partner Synergy Christian Trust has produced a new album of all-age worship songs to bring the message of Jesus to life for children and young people. Please pray that the album’s message of a certain hope in Jesus will resonate with many children and adults alike. 

Saturday 14
The new supporter relations database (see 23 June) is undergoing user acceptance testing, a critical phase where we make sure that the system works as expected and identify and fix any bugs. Pray for our external suppliers and all involved, that they may be able to spot the areas requiring attention.

Week Beginning August 15

Sunday 15
Pray that the new website RaamattuStartti developed by SU Finland and based on the E100 youth Bible reading programme will be widely used and that it will help many individuals and groups to understand more about what God is saying to them. 

Monday 16
Pray for Mark Green who, as Digital Transformation Manager, has a key role in the implementation of the new database of supporters, volunteers and donors. Pray for him as he oversees the testing and works with external suppliers. 

Tuesday 17
Grow Communities are a key element of the Revealing Jesus framework. Ask God to continue to reveal himself to children and young people as they explore the Bible and worship together in Grow Communities.

Wednesday 18
Pray for the team in Wales as they aim to ensure that key resources are available in the Welsh language. The team support Faith Guides and churches who work in a range of areas, from those where Welsh is a significant minority language to those where Welsh is the predominant language of everyday life. 

Thursday 19
Local Mission Partner Cadwyn Teifi, working in Tregaron and the surrounding area, is excited about working with the new Revealing Jesus mission framework and is looking to appoint a worker when Covid restrictions are eased. Pray for trustees as they revise their policies and that as lockdown ends there will be many opportunities to visit schools. 

Friday 20
Jo Morley leads the Mission Events team who support the holiday and mission programme. Even though it’s only August she is already starting to work on the plans for 2022 – pray for wisdom in developing the programme and the plans for the coming year. 

Saturday 21
Please pray for Sarah Howard-Smith as she manages the administration of Faith Guides who are assigned to the SU North team, ensuring that they receive appropriate support and encouragement. 

Week Beginning August 22

Sunday 22
SU Chile ask us to pray for their programme for adolescent children and families that they have been able to develop online despite the pandemic. Pray for all those they will reach in 2021 with the message of hope in God in these difficult times. Pray also for more volunteers willing to serve these needs. 

Monday 23
Thank God for the continued generous gifts from all who faithfully support the work of SU. Pray for an increase in sustainable giving that will enable the ministry to develop and grow. 

Tuesday 24
There is now a new Guardians of Ancora Collection available to all Faith Guides as part of the Revealing Jesus mission framework. Pray that these resources will give Faith Guides confidence and inspiration and that they will be effective in helping children connect, explore, respond and grow on their own faith journeys. 

Wednesday 25
Please pray for the Mission Events team as they support holidays and missions running in a whole mix of new and old formats this summer. 

Thursday 26
On March 1, Mick Moffett started his work as a children and youth officer for Local Mission Partner H4V (Hope for the Valleys) working to reach children and young people in the valleys of South Wales. Pray that he may know God’s strength, opportunities will open in schools, colleges and in the community to share the gospel and many would come to know Jesus. 

Friday 27
SU’s Human Resources Officer Adelaide Nketsia provides HR advice, ensuring compliance with statutory obligations and best practice. Please pray for Adelaide as she continues to support managers enabling them to achieve the movement’s mission in effective ways. 

Saturday 28
Pray for the Content team as they finalise the April–June 2022 issue of Daily Bread which will be going to the printers shortly, asking for the ability to focus on the right details to help readers meet God in life-changing ways as they read the Bible.


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