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Prayers for September - November 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week Beginning August 30

Sunday 30 
Praise God for the wonders of technology that have helped us all to share Jesus with children and young people at a time when it has not been possible to meet up in person. 

Monday 31 
Give thanks to God for inspiring our local church and mission partners to find creative and resourceful ways to keep in contact with the children and young people in their communities and to reassure them of God’s deep love for them. 

Tuesday 1 
Please pray that God’s message of hope will settle deep in the hearts of those children and young people, and that ultimately they will know the joy of accepting Jesus as their Saviour. 

Wednesday 2 
As a new school term begins, please pray for all children and young people returning to having lessons at school. Ask God to help them settle back into a different kind of normality. 

Thursday 3 
Give thanks to God for those who share Jesus in schools. Pray that they will be able to build strong and authentic relationships with the students, and help them explore the difference that Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life. 

Friday 4 
Please pray for Amy, Jon, Emily and all our local church and mission partners who so faithfully share Jesus even when that means going beyond their comfort zones. 

Saturday 5 
Give thanks to God that, no matter what uncertainty the future may hold, if we commit whatever we do to him, he will establish our plans. 


Week Beginning September 6

Sunday 6
SU in Peninsular Malaysia has produced several videos, held e-chapel and published resources for family worship. Pray for them as they continue to use digital platforms to reach the next generation with God’s Word asking that these will impact young lives. 

Monday 7
SU is a member of the South East Partnership, a network which supports children’s, youth and schools workers in South East England. It is hoping to run an online event enabling participants to explore digital evangelism. Please pray that this will help them to understand the possibilities and to use them effectively. 

Tuesday 8
The last few months have been difficult for many children and young people, and many have struggled. Pray for them as they return to school, that they will find strength and know that they can pass their anxieties on to God. 

Wednesday 9
Pray especially for those starting in Year 7 who may not have had much help to transition due to school closures. Pray that all the resources produced which help parents, churches and schools make the most of It’s Your Move will continue to help them. 

Thursday 10
Mission Enabler Helen Franklin gives thanks for ways we have seen God at work – for those churches who ran online holiday clubs and for all that summer mission teams were able to achieve digitally. Pray for the ongoing impact and for new families who have been reached. 

Friday 11
Thank God that there were relatively few issues over transitioning SU staff to working from home. Much of this was due to being prepared for emergencies such as the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Saturday 12
Christian Unions in sixth forms and colleges came to an abrupt end in March with no opportunity to choose new leaders and prepare them. Please pray for young people who are trying to pick up leadership in the new term and for National Mission Partner Festive as they support them. 

Week Beginning September 13

Sunday 13
Local Mission Partner Re:generation Harrow asks us to pray for effective use of Education Sunday today. Join with them in praying that it will help to highlight ministry to children and young people in our schools. 

Monday 14
As we start a new academic year, Local Mission Partner PSALMS, working around Stroud, requests prayer for Active RE lessons as they potentially restart and the opportunities they give for children to be engaged with the Bible and God’s message through sport and games. 

Tuesday 15
Despite the sadness of not being able to run the Go Wild residential, we were able to produce a short video of activities and questions to reflect on. Pray that a good number will continue to respond. Pray too for the continued development of Go Wild resources for all stages of faith development. 

Wednesday 16
Join with Local Mission Partner Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust in thanking God for the opportunities that they had in serving local schools during lockdown. They used a range of resources including video assemblies for primary and secondary schools and online lunchtime club activities. 

Thursday 17
Mission Enabler Sarah Davison gives thanks for the depth of relationship that has been fostered throughout lockdown with Local Mission Partners and existing contacts, enabling them to pray for one another, share resources and encourage one another. 

Friday 18
Praise God for the creativity of our teams in providing a new suite of Lockdown resources to help young people and families to keep Jesus in heart and mind in abnormal times. Give thanks too for the success of the online training events held over the summer, with many hundreds being equipped for mission. 

Saturday 19
Many events that would normally have taken place face to face over the summer took place in some form online. Pray for followup for the children and young people who ‘attended’ them, and give thanks for volunteers who embraced a whole new way of working this year. 

Week Beginning September 20

Sunday 20
This year, SU in South Sudan are aiming to reach 20,000 children and young people with the gospel. They thank God who has enabled them to open in two new towns. Pray for them as they implement plans to establish work in three more towns. 

Monday 21
This week we focus on the Central region, a large geographical area. Pray for Simon Barker in his role as Team Leader. Give thanks for the staff team, Local Mission Partners, holiday and mission leaders and key volunteers as they seek to reach out to the 95 in the area. 

Tuesday 22
Mission Enabler Steve Hutchinson works with churches in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Herefordshire. Some groups have continued online; pray that relationships can be rebuilt so that children and young people can explore and grow in faith. 

Wednesday 23
Hannah Legge is an SU Mission Enabler working with churches across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. She would especially appreciate prayer for churches she is supporting in using the mental health tool kit to foster mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. 

Thursday 24
Local Mission Partner Impact work in Bedford and are supported by the regional team. Give thanks for the positive feedback from schools using their RE resource packs and e-assemblies. Pray that God will continue to open the hearts and minds of staff, parents, carers and children. 

Friday 25
The Harriers Cruise on the Norfolk Broads is one of many activities in the region that could not take place as planned this summer. The leaders give thanks that they were able to meet digitally as a virtual cruise; pray that they will be able to maintain momentum with team and young people as they plan for 2021. 

Saturday 26
Alan Darlington has been a volunteer for about 30 years and is involved with a number of schools around Mansfield. Pray for him as he helps schools and churches deal with the ongoing effects of lockdown. 

Week Beginning September 27

Sunday 27
In Cameroon, SU thanks God for the training of children’s and youth workers from various churches in February this year, with 86 participants from 6 denominations. The online follow-up started in May; pray for the next session this month. 

Monday 28
Mission Enabler Lucy Pearson has been encouraged by stories of churches and communities using Rooted online. Some have delivered the Rooted journals, which have given young people space to reflect and process with God the ups and downs they may be experiencing in uncertain times. 

Tuesday 29
Thank God for all our supporters who have been incredibly generous in their giving and their prayers particularly over what has been a challenging time. Pray that they may know God’s blessing. 

Wednesday 30
Pray for wisdom about the use of Shine in Schools. Many partners usually run it in the autumn term but we, as SU England and Wales, are thinking of it more as a year-round resource. The theme this year is ‘Influencers’, designed to encourage both Christian and non-Christian young people to consider what it would mean to have Jesus influence their lives. 

Thursday 1
Pray that as secondary schools in north Wales get back into something closer to normality, Local Mission Partners and local churches will be able to pick up in some way from the Higher mission back in February and encourage young people to continue to follow Jesus. 

Friday 2
Thank God that Guardians of Ancora has been used by thousands of children, while they stay safe at home. Pray that they will meet Jesus for themselves, as they find and follow him through the app Bible adventures. 

Saturday 3
Local Mission Partner Engage in Woking thank God for ways in which they have seen him at work during lockdown, opening up new ways of connecting with young people and meeting with others in the area to share ideas and pray together. 

Week Beginning October 4

Sunday 4
SU Serbia is grateful for the opportunity to run workshops for unchurched children and young people with disabilities. After watching a Christmas sketch, one 7-year-old said, ‘I’m very happy I recorded the play so I can show mum and dad what happened on Christmas night.’ Pray for the children and parents who heard the good news for the first time. 

Monday 5
This week we focus on the Development Hub which is designed to stimulate new thinking about approaches and resources for mission. Please pray for the team under the leadership of Gemma Willis as they explore ways to increase their capacity and output. 

Tuesday 6
Give thanks for the appointment of Leanne Sheppard to the team earlier this year as a Content Innovator, and pray for her as she settles into her new role that she may find satisfaction in what she does and that she may know God-given creativity. 

Wednesday 7
Ask God to open up new opportunities for the Development Hub team as they explore partnership with other creative agencies. Pray that partnerships will be fruitful in helping to identify the needs in church and society and finding effective ways of meeting them. 

Thursday 8
The SU Creative Collective initiative brings together staff, volunteers and practitioners to explore creative approaches to ministry to the 95. Pray for wisdom as we consider what the next few events might look like and the direction they should take. 

Friday 9
Please pray for a healthy balance of work and rest for the Development Hub team as they strive to produce great new content. Ask God to give them the necessary thinking space and to provide refreshment and stimulation. 

Saturday 10
Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire the Development Hub team as they explore new and innovative ways to connect with the 95 and that they may have the wisdom and discernment to know which ideas are the ones to pursue. 

Week Beginning October 11

Sunday 11
Pray for Leadership Lab International, in which SU Global is a partner, as they develop virtual training opportunities for young leaders to help them develop online discipleship ministries. 

Monday 12
Local Mission Partner Lightspace in Grantham asks us to pray that schools work facilitators who were furloughed will be able to maintain their passion for the work. They also ask that we pray for their trustees as they try to steer a course through difficult decisions, and for wisdom in supporting teachers who are finding the situation challenging. 

Tuesday 13
Two new Supporter Care Assistants, Debbie Edge and John Cartwright, joined Jim Winning, (Supporter Care Lead) in March. The Supporter Care team are the first people supporters talk to when they call; pray that they will be able to offer the best possible outcomes for all our supporters. 

Wednesday 14
Thank God for outside suppliers who, despite difficult times for their own operations, have been real partners with us and have enabled us to develop and improve our internal systems and our digital presence. Pray for us in our relationships with them. 

Thursday 15
Local Mission Partner COINS in Newbury thank God for new ways to serve their schools with digital assemblies and that they have been able to continue one school’s club over Zoom throughout the lockdown. Praise God for the way their three short films about transition came together so well. 

Friday 16
Many volunteers will have been disappointed not to be able to serve in the usual way during the summer. Pray for them in their disappointment and ask that they will be motivated to serve next year. 

Saturday 17
The SU Council will be meeting in some form today. Pray that as they seek to provide stimulus and inspiration to the movement, they will hear from God and that the ministry will be enhanced as a result. 

Week Beginning October 18

Sunday 18
Ninety-five per cent of Christians in Canada say they have never been taught how to engage with Scripture. Pray for the trainers with SU in English-speaking Canada who conduct practical, interactive Bible engagement workshops to teach Christians several ways to engage with the Bible. 

Monday 19
Pray that as the Rooted Personal Journal comes into print and into the hands of young people, the truth of God’s Word and his love for them will become clear in their lives. 

Tuesday 20
A ‘pop-up’ version of Lifepath ran in Ponteland for the first time last year. A second was planned for today, in partnership with two churches, but this has sadly now been cancelled. Please pray for the team, asking that they'll find new opportunities to encourage children to think about the place that Jesus might have in their lives.

Wednesday 21
Pray for Stephen Vis, Director of Finance and Services, as he prepares for an Audit and Finance Committee meeting which will review financial progress and look at updating the forecast for the year. Pray for the members of the committee (especially volunteer Treasurer Kim Hurst) as they meet later this month. 

Thursday 22
Mission Enabler Jenni Whymark had been working with churches in the Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham and Havant areas planning a week of mission into secondary schools in July. Pray that ways of rescheduling this may be found. 

Friday 23
South east Mission Enabler Lisa Jones had planned a non-residential event in May for children of primary school age from the Chinese community in Orpington. She is hoping that it may take place this half-term. Pray for all the practical arrangements. 

Saturday 24
Ro Clark, Chair of the Wave Local Mission Partner in Swanage, wrote to the regional office, ‘During this unprecedented time it has been a source of support and joy to spend time together in fellowship and prayer each week. Thank you so much for being there for us all.’ Thank God for all the mutual support that took place during lockdown. 

Week Beginning October 25

Sunday 25
Please pray for God’s wisdom and encouragement as SU Greece establish their family counselling and therapy centre, running workshops for parents and church leaders. 

Monday 26
Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world and a Spanish version of Guardians of Ancora is in the early stages of development. Please pray for the project manager Julio Cesar in Bolivia, for partnering organisations across Central and South America and Europe and for all the finances, logistics and coordination to make this happen. 

Tuesday 27
Join with Local Mission Partner Lighthouse in Crawley in praising God for his provision financially, enabling them to continue working and supporting schools throughout the pandemic. Pray for wisdom as they consider mentoring children and young people who are struggling to engage with school. 

Wednesday 28
The work of Local Mission Partner GenR8, working in Cambridge, relies heavily on volunteers. They are concerned that volunteer situations and priorities may have been affected by the last few months, and so will limit future availability. Pray that they will be able to adapt and trust for the future. 

Thursday 29
SU has always had a culture of learning – reflecting on Scripture and being open to challenges to our current ways of working, putting new ideas into practice before sharing the results. We call this ‘thought leadership’. Pray that this culture will always remain at the heart of all our mission activity. 

Friday 30
Many staff from Local Mission Partners were furloughed last term. Pray for a smooth transition back to work in schools, churches and communities and that doors will remain open. Doncaster Schools Work Trust asks us to pray that workers will be rested, refreshed and ready to go when the schools reopen. 

Saturday 31
Pray for churches who are planning to run some sort of activity today to present Jesus as the Light of the World, asking that many may come to the Light for themselves. 

Week Beginning November 1

Sunday 1
This is the global week of prayer for Scripture Union around the world. Resources for prayer can be found on the SU Global website www.scriptureunion.global. Join with others around the world in praying for SU ministry. 

Monday 2
The next SU Board meeting is on November 12. Pray for the staff Leadership team and Sue Winning, Company Secretary, in the busyness of finalising the relevant reviews and paperwork. Pray for the Board, that when they meet they may have a clear sense of God’s direction. 

Tuesday 3
Neil Jackson, Mission Enabler in the north region is hoping to run a Diary of a Disciple workshop in a primary school in Colburn, in the hope that it may lead to a regular club. Pray for wisdom in timing in the light of COVID-19. 

Wednesday 4
The SOLID festival has enabled many children and young people to encounter Jesus. Sadly, this year it had to be cancelled in its usual form but, like many other events, it went online. Pray for the young people Prayers who attended, that it will still have had a big impact on their Christian journey. 

Thursday 5
Pray for ongoing work for the Finance team in replacing a largely paper-based records system with an electronic one, spurred on by the difficulties that lockdown caused. Their desire is to be more efficient so we can devote more resources to outreach. 

Friday 6
Pray that the Digital Mission Innovation team (Sam Fowler, Toby Chant and Neil Jackson) will know God’s direction as they look for ways of building on lessons learned during lockdown when a number of new tools for children’s and youth outreach were created. 

Saturday 7
To reach the 95 we need to partner with many others who will help children and young people to explore Christian faith and grow in relationship with Jesus. Pray for Mission Enablers on the regional teams as they support and resource such people. 

Week Beginning November 8

Sunday 8
SU in Western Australia is halfway through the first year of providing chaplaincy in schools. Pray this ministry would grow and flourish and that God would provide chaplains who love Jesus. 

Monday 9
Give thanks for the Scripture Union movements around the world who are using Guardians of Ancora in their mission with children. Please pray for the newest English-speaking partners: SU Malawi and SU Botswana, as they find ways to use the app in their regions. 

Tuesday 10
Local Mission Partner Matlock Area Schools Trust gives thanks for the livestream on Facebook and YouTube of a daily half hour broadcast which schools are using in collective worship. Please also pray for energy to continue this and for wisdom going forward to know how to reconnect in person with our local schools as they come out of lockdown. 

Wednesday 11
Thank God for trusts and foundations who support the work of the movement. Please pray for them as they consider applications for funding Prayers to enable new initiatives in reaching out. 

Thursday 12
Local Mission Partner Chester Schools Christian Work thank God for the positive response to online Bible-based collective worship videos, which they developed. Give thanks, too, for the schools that sent out video links, enabling them to deliver It’s Your Move to every Year 6 pupil in their area. 

Friday 13
Christian Initiative to Schools, a Local Mission Partner working in Letchworth, has produced an interactive resource for Schools called SPACE designed to help pupils think about their relationships with themselves, their community, their world and with God. Pray that it will achieve this. 

Saturday 14
Local Mission Partner SU Ministries Trust on the Isle of Man thank God that they are settling in to their new building and have been able to make good links with their new community. Thank God that technology has enabled them to connect with young people, and that the young people have chosen to stay connected. 

Week Beginning November 15

Sunday 15
Pray for wisdom and creativity as SU Egypt seek to continue with their Bible publications and activities in the face of limited human and financial resources. 

Monday 16
Sue Clutterham, who works with Local Mission Partner Archway in five villages in Northamptonshire has been on furlough, but praises God that the lockdown has been a great opportunity to get to know one of the young mums very well. Pray for the Archway trustees as they adapt the ministry to a different world, and for Sue who had been asked to do regular school assemblies this term. 

Tuesday 17
Pray for the ongoing work of the Thought Leadership team as they help the whole movement think through issues of faith, mission, culture and Bible engagement in relation to the 95, in the light of changing times and trends. Pray for Terry Clutterham as he heads this and for Zoraida Smith as she coordinates the work of the team. 

Wednesday 18
Local Mission Partner Reach in Reading gives thanks for the Prayers appointment of their Ministry Director and asks us to pray for wisdom in the restructuring of the management and governance and for the best way to re-engage with schools work. 

Thursday 19
Working in North Wales, Local Mission Partner Christians 4 Education has been able to show love and kindness to schools and a local college throughout the pandemic in many small ways. Please pray that they can continue to encourage everyone to look to Jesus and find in him the One who brings peace. 

Friday 20
The Youth Net, Local Mission Partner in Stafford, has delivered over 1,000 activity packs to existing youth groups and communities where they have strong links through their connect workers and community work. Pray that these packs will speak powerfully of God’s love. 

Saturday 21
Today training takes place for new activity leaders. Pray for these leaders asking that today will be a time of encouragement and that they will have a deeper sense of God’s call and his equipping. 

Week Beginning November 22

Sunday 22
SU Austria has opened a small bookshop. Pray that this will have a positive influence in the area and that it will impact people in their walk with Christ. They plan small seminars with different Bible topics in the shop. Pray for good Ideas and that this will be well accepted. 

Monday 23
Local Mission Partner Watford Schools Trust gives thanks that local churches were willing to pay for It’s Your Move books for Year 6 children. They have had a very positive response from the schools; this year they used the SU video and worksheets. 

Tuesday 24
Pray for Local Mission Partner Great Open Door as they prepare their next assembly tour in Harlow on Thankfulness. Pray for the team and for open doors to deliver this assembly into the schools when the time is right. 

Wednesday 25
Our supporter database has become a central part of our everyday operations, helping us stay in touch with you, but it needs to be replaced. The old platform has many limitations and will no longer be supported. Pray for wisdom and clarity as we plan to replace it in the coming year. Prayers 

Thursday 26
Chris Eales, Mission Enabler in the south west thanks God for great conversations with church leaders about our new mission framework. Pray that these will lead to lasting partnerships and identifying people who will join us in helping children and young people to grow in faith. 

Friday 27
A new update to Guardians of Ancora was released in April 2020, allowing people around the world to play in one of the five languages available. Please pray for this extended reach of the app and heightened impact, as more children and families play at home.

Saturday 28
Many churches are rethinking aspects of their work and mission. Pray for the Leadership team as they think about the strategic implications and for regional staff as they seek to support churches in reaching out to children and young people in new ways. 


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