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Prayers for September – November 2021

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week Beginning August 29

This week's prayers relate to this article. Please pray for those who have given faithful service in sharing Jesus with children and young people.

Sunday 29
Give thanks to God for Steve Hutchinson – for his years of faithful service in leading children and young people on the path to faith. Ask God to bless him on the next stage of his journey.

Monday 30
Ask God to bless Hannah Legge as Steve retires and she takes on the support of those churches and projects which he has been involved with.

Tuesday 31
Ask God to bless all those volunteers who have given their time and energy to run missions and holidays – including Linda Patterson who has just stepped down as a leader of SU Harriers sailing holidays after an incredible 30 years!

Wednesday 1
We really appreciate all those who regularly pray for the work of Scripture Union – pray with us as we give thanks to God for your commitment.

Thursday 2
Give thanks for all those who have faithfully supported SU and mission for many years through making financial gifts – including supporters like David (see article) who are leaving legacies to enable future generations to hear the good news of Jesus.

Friday 3
Praise God for his faithful provision enabling the mission work of the SU movement to share Jesus with many generations of children and young people.

Saturday 4
Please pray that God will continue to sustain all those involved in SU’s mission for time to come, so that many more children and young people can explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life.

Week Beginning September 5

Sunday 5
This month Scripture Union Slovakia publishes a new resource consisting of 23 lessons for children from Mark’s Gospel with questions, activity sheets and craft ideas. Pray that there will be a good take up and that children will grow in their love for the Bible.

Monday 6
Local Mission Partner Actios in St Neots give thanks for the faithful prayers and generous giving of their supporters during the pandemic and for their two part-time schools workers who have moved on to new ministry. Pray for them as they seek to appoint a new worker.

Tuesday 7
Please pray for Eddie Nock, SU’s Communications and Marketing Manager, and the rest of his team. Ask God to help them develop clear and inspiring communications that effectively share SU’s vision and help widen and deepen connections with the movement.

Wednesday 8
Pray for all those who have been involved in our holidays and missions this summer, that as they go back to school they will hold onto the truths they have learned and continue to explore and grow in their faith. Pray for activity leaders and team members as they prepare against this background.

Thursday 9
Maggie Barfield (Ancora Mission Leader) is working with many Scripture Union movements around the world who are using Guardians of Ancora and associated resources in their own countries. Pray for the mission impact of these materials and for effective communications between all those involved.

Friday 10
Please pray for Local Mission Partner Future Vision in Sudbury, Suffolk, as the team return to work in the schools. Pray for the Open the Book teams who need new volunteers and for Ian and Liz as they begin new initiatives in the high school.

Saturday 11
Pray for the finance team as they resume work after time off during the summer, especially as they process expense claims at the end of summer events, and interact with suppliers and other international movements, and process donations received in support of SU’s work.

Week Beginning September 12

Sunday 12
Last September, very few SU groups in Scottish schools were able to recommence. Pray that volunteers will be willing to return to leading groups and that senior pupils who have been trained as leaders will be bold enough to take up the challenge to start an SU group where none currently exists.

Monday 13
Pray for fresh ideas and opportunities for outreach as Local Mission Partner Ministry of Sport based in Nottingham prepares for their delayed launch next year. Pray for fresh connections with churches and renewed enthusiasm for events and initiatives that gather people to hear the gospel through the medium of sport.

Tuesday 14
Faith Guides in local churches are an integral part of the Revealing Jesus framework. Ask God to call and envision more people to sign up as Faith Guides, so they can accompany children and young people in their community on their faith journey.

Wednesday 15
Pray that Mission Enabler Sarah Davison will have continued opportunities to share the Revealing Jesus framework with those who have a heart for young people in the North. Pray for wisdom and creativity as she supports Faith Guides and that they will see the lives of children and young people being changed by Jesus.

Thursday 16
Thank God for our faithful supporters, and pray that he will bless and encourage them, and provide for all their needs.

Friday 17
National Mission Partner Festive asks us to pray for sixth formers starting a new year, that they would look for opportunities to share Jesus with friends. Pray also for their monthly ‘Scattered’ online events which equip and encourage sixth formers in evangelism.

Saturday 18
Mark Oliver (Sports Ministry Consultant in the North), requests prayer for the churches and Local Mission Partners in disadvantaged communities who have run ‘holiday hunger’ programmes this summer, that the connections they have made with the 95 will lead to further opportunities for young people to meet Jesus.

Week Beginning September 19

Sunday 19
Scripture Union South Africa are grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness, enabling them to continue to function. Pray for continued financial stability and provision as they implement a new budgeting system for 2022.

Monday 20
We are seeing the number of Faith Guides in the North of England grow and our staff team love working with them to implement the Revealing Jesus framework. Pray for the team including Lucy Pearson as she returns from maternity leave, and for the many children and young people who are encountering Jesus in the region.

Tuesday 21
Local Mission Partner CLiKS engages with 17 Primary Schools in Keighley, West Yorkshire. In 2019 over 1,500 children visited a church for an SU programme. Pray that with a new worker hopefully in place soon they will be able to restore relationships after school closures.

Wednesday 22
The new supporter relations system will be going live very soon. Many people have been involved; pray especially for the core staff team of Mark Green, Ian Gooding, Gill Russell, Meri Suokas and Stephen Vis, asking that things will go smoothly and that there will be no adverse impact on our supporters.

Thursday 23
Pray for Tanya Pencheva in her work as a Development Hub assistant, managing deadlines and giving support to her colleagues as they focus on creating new resources to help churches reach the 95.

Friday 24
Please pray for the finance and gifts team (Tracey Bell, Alicia Wallace, Maureen Okwara and Susannah Quinn) as they work on the new gifts processing system, asking that they may use the new system to its full potential. 

Saturday 25
Please pray for workers Linda Gardner and Dan Budhi of Local Mission Partner Doncaster Schools Worker Trust and their volunteer helpers. Ask God for clear vision, continuing easy access into schools and freedom to teach about Jesus, and for more volunteers for Open the Book teams and filming work.

Week Beginning September 26

Sunday 26
Scripture Union Italy asks us to pray for the Italian Bible notes Per l’Ora che Passa, that they would be more widely distributed among the churches.

Monday 27
Local Mission Partner Missional Generation works along the M62 corridor from Liverpool to Hull. Pray that a new project launched this month encouraging young people to respond to climate change will connect young people with the community giving them an opportunity to share their love of Jesus.

Tuesday 28
Pray for Content Assistant, Annabel Moule, who has been working on a seasonal booklet Jesus is the Light to communicate the love and light of Jesus around Halloween. Pray that the booklet will be widely used and will bring hope to many.

Wednesday 29
Please pray for Ben Poch as he takes on the role of Head of Regional Mission. Pray that he will settle into his new role quickly, leading our regional teams as they seek to equip more Faith Guides.

Thursday 30
Pray that as Grow Communities regroup after the summer break and reflect on how they will grow together in their Christian faith this term, they may understand how to build lasting and meaningful relationships within the community.

Friday 1
This weekend sees the residential for Amplify, when young people who are on the year-long programme for young evangelists come together to be equipped to share Jesus with their friends and others. Pray that they will be inspired and encouraged as they spend time learning together.

Saturday 2
It is almost a year since the launch of the Revealing Jesus mission framework. Pray for God’s ongoing guidance as we continue to learn from the real-life experience and feedback, seeking to refine our strategy and methods to better serve the church and young people of England and Wales in their ever-changing context.

Week Beginning October 3

Sunday 3
Please pray for the visits to eight provincial schools being undertaken by Scripture Union Solomon Islands as part of their strategy to establish SU fellowships in schools and to appoint provincial SU coordinators who will look after the programmes in schools, churches and communities.

Monday 4
Give thanks to God for the ongoing partnership that Scripture Union has with South West Youth Ministries. Pray for a successful year for the trainees (see article), as we work together to equip them to go out to reach the 95 in schools and the communities in which they are based.

Tuesday 5
Pray for Susannah Quinn as she juggles two roles; as finance and gifts administrator while continuing to help with processing volunteer applications for the mission events team. Ask for wisdom to serve both teams really well with attention to detail.

Wednesday 6
Please pray for Local Mission Partner Southport and Area Schools Work Trust as they work in schools, asking especially for new opportunities for Hettie and Tabz to teach lessons. Pray that they will inspire children and young people to want to learn more about the Christian faith and experience it for themselves.

Thursday 7
The events team are already working on the summer holiday programme for 2022. Please pray for them as they book sites and put together budgets for the coming year. Pray for holiday leaders as they too start to pray and plan for the future.

Friday 8
Pray that Central Region Support Worker Karen Quinney would be able to adjust and adapt to the new supporter relations system and that she would be a support and encouragement to the regional team as they build up their face-to face work.

Saturday 9
The SU Council meets today. Pray for Penny Boshoff, President, as she leads the meeting and that the discussions will be fruitful and enhance SU’s ministry.

Week Beginning October 10

This week's prayers relate to this article. Please pray for the next generation of Christians sharing Jesus.

Sunday 10
Praise God for Matt, Ydson and Josh, for all that they have learned during their time as trainees and for their willingness to give their time and talents to share the good news of Jesus with the next generation.

Monday 11
Ask God to bless and guide these three young men as they make prayerful choices about what to do to serve him in future.

Tuesday 12
Give thanks to God for Toby Chant, the SU South West team and the churches they work with as, together, they develop exciting new ways to build connections with the 95 and help them explore, respond and grow in faith.

Wednesday 13
Please pray that many more churches across the country will grasp the importance of sharing Jesus with children and young people and commit to invest in this vital work.

Thursday 14
Give thanks too for all who have committed, with the blessing of their church, to become Faith Guides and journey with children and young people as they discover more about Jesus.

Friday 15
Ask God to bless and guide Faith Guides and their churches, to open doors of opportunity and enable them to derive great joy in this vital work.

Saturday 16
Pray too for all young Christians who are learning how to share their faith effectively through SU programmes such as Amplify and Shine. Ask God to raise up more young Christians with a passion for sharing their faith with future generations. 

Week Beginning October 17

Sunday 17
Continue to pray for SU movements that operate in restricted countries and face many challenges. Pray that God will bless them with courage, wisdom and protection.

Monday 18
Next year’s holiday club material will be based on the popular Diary of Disciple books. Pray for those finalising the work on this and that the material will enable children to learn about and relate to Jesus in fresh and creative ways.

Tuesday 19
Please pray for the Communications and Marketing team as they seek to promote our new autumn resources, the Diary of a Disciple Holiday Club and Jesus is the Light. Pray that they will find creative ways to reach new people with these resources.

Wednesday 20
Please pray for Local Mission Partner Artless Theatre Company as they tour their new show If Prison Walls Could Speak in partnership with Release International, performing in over 100 churches in the coming year. This October they are touring Kent and East Anglia.

Thursday 21
The events team and the Development Hub are working on resources that Faith Guides can use to run their own short residentials, to help their groups begin to experience the benefits of going away together. Please pray that as they are developed and trialled, they will provide opportunities for children to explore faith and respond to Jesus.

Friday 22
The relationship between Grow Communities and the church is really important. Join us in praying for them today, for good links, friendships and support between the two.

Saturday 23
Mission Enabler Isaac Rocke asks us to pray for the 13 Faith Guides he works with across London, that the Revealing Jesus framework and training will help them reach the 95 in their local churches and communities. Pray particularly for churches and Local Mission Partners who work with ‘hard to reach’ children and young people in inner-city areas of London. 

Week Beginning October 24

Sunday 24
SU Trinidad and Tobago thank God for ministry to two Senior Homes and one Children’s Home – care packages were given to these homes and were well received. Thank God for those who gave towards the care packages and pray that this will open doors for further ministry.

Monday 25
Pray for the team in the south east, as they inspire churches to take the gospel to the 95 through training and supporting Faith Guides. Pray that as they speak with church workers and volunteers across the region, churches will want to partner in this great mission.

Tuesday 26
Local Mission Partner Graceworks works in schools in the London Borough of Havering through prayer spaces, assemblies and Christian Unions. Pray for Jay and Bradley as they visit primary and secondary schools.

Wednesday 27
Children in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Spain and many other countries are playing Guardianes de Ancora (Guardians of Ancora in Spanish). Thank God for Julio and Davi and others who made this possible; and pray for the impact of this global mission opportunity.

Thursday 28
Pray that Database Manager Gill Russell and the rest of the data team will be able to give the support the organisation requires in the change to the new supporter relations system, helping them to gain a good understanding of how it can make our processes more efficient and serve our supporters more effectively.

Friday 29
Many of the holidays and missions run great programmes for developing young leaders. Please pray for the group of staff and volunteers who are thinking through how we can support them better and extend this work.

Saturday 30
Please pray that Local Mission Partner Christian Schools Workers Hastings will be able to reconnect with schools and that they will be able to build strong relationships with the young people they work with. Pray too that they will be able to build a strong and united team.

Week Beginning October 31

Sunday 31
During lockdown SU India missionary Aesa Rooban took the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with the children with good results. Pray for the camps in India which enable children to grow in their faith.

Monday 1
Pray for Content Developer Esther Calvert-Jordan and Ancora Mission Leader Maggie Barfield as they work on brand new Faith Guide collections for ages 14–18. Pray too for Content Developer Leanne Sheppard who is creating a new Faith Guide collection for ages 5–8.

Tuesday 2
Please pray for John Settatree as he heads up the work in Wales and leads the team seeking to ensure that SU’s work is relevant to the context, needs and regulations of Wales.

Wednesday 3
Teachers and students in schools in and around Reading are supported by Local Mission Partner Reach. Pray for the team as they deliver lessons and assemblies, support those leading Christian Unions and provide pastoral care to individual students.

Thursday 4
Pray for the ongoing work of Rooted, as it aims to help young people develop faith at their own pace and in their own way. Pray that the published resources and the groups will provide an environment in which faith can grow.

Friday 5
On this day characterised by bonfires and fireworks, pray that God puts a fire in the hearts of central region’s team of staff, volunteers, Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners as they share the good news of Jesus with the 95.

Saturday 6
Pray for Sports Mission Leader Richard Witham as he leads the piloting of a number of local sports projects throughout England and Wales in areas with high levels of deprivation, during the second half of this year. November is an important month as we collect stories and data from Faith Guides and churches and begin to pray and evaluate the future potential of this approach.

Week Beginning November 7

Sunday 7
This is the global week of prayer for Scripture Union around the world. Let’s join with others around the world in praying for SU ministry. Resources for prayer can be found on the SU Global website www.scriptureunion.global.

Monday 8
Please pray for our growing network of Faith Guides and Local Mission Partners across Wales as they gear up for outreach events throughout the Christmas season.

Tuesday 9
Please pray for Richard Shaw, Director of Mission Development, and the conference planning team as they put the final arrangements in place for the Revealing Jesus conference at the end of the month.

Wednesday 10
Many of the holidays are great at equipping children and young people for mission. Please pray for the group of staff and volunteers who are thinking through how we can share these ideas more widely across the holiday programme. 

Thursday 11
Pray for the Scripture Union Board as they meet today, asking for wisdom and direction and giving thanks for the trustees who freely give their time and skills to oversee the governance of the movement.

Friday 12
The pandemic has given rise to greatly increased levels of anxiety among children and young people. Pray that Christians, including SU staff and volunteers, Local Mission Partners and Faith Guides in churches, might have wisdom in knowing how best to support them, and that they might find security and peace in Jesus.

Saturday 13
Pray for those staff members such as Grace Inwood (Facilities and Office Management), Adelaide Nketsia (HR), Tracey Bell who leads on the processing of Gifts and many others who support the movement in ways that are less visible but are key to its operation.

Week Beginning November 14

Sunday 14
Pray for SU Laos as they share the gospel through Facebook and encourage Christians through their YouTube Channel and sermons shared on church web pages, and for their online Bible ministry training for volunteers in churches.

Monday 15
As work comes to completion on the next Faith Guide Hub collection at the end of the year, Content Developer Leanne Shepherd asks us to pray that she would be able to continue to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Tuesday 16
Ask God to continue to reveal himself to children and young people as they study the Bible together in their Grow Communities. Pray that they will find comfort, guidance, acceptance and life in the words they read.

Wednesday 17
Local Mission Partner Mustard Tree Trust who works in Morpeth was unable to run the normal Lifepath event this year so took it on the road visiting schools. Pray that all those Year 4 children who were involved will continue to think about what they experienced.

Thursday 18
Local Mission Partner Impact Schools Team working in Llanfyllin, Llanfair Caereinion and Welshpool praises God for his provision over the past year. Pray for workers Darren and Huw as they connect with children and young people, and for young people who are exploring faith to respond to the good news of Jesus.

Friday 19
Pray for Esther Adedoyin who has recently joined us as Database Assistant that she would know God’s wisdom and guidance as a new member of the team, become more efficient in the role and manage expectations well.

Saturday 20
Pray for the Development Hub team as they start planning materials for Easter 2022. Pray for clear vision and direction as they look for ways of helping the 95 to see the meaning and importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Week Beginning November 21

Sunday 21
Please pray for God´s guidance for the Scripture Union movements who form the Pacific Islands Community as they are praying and working towards a new SU ministry in Samoa.

Monday 22
Thank God for the way he has blessed us financially through this year so far. Pray that he will grant success to our trust and foundation applications, so that more children and young people may come to know him.

Tuesday 23
After so many months of lockdown, please pray for new vision and energy for those running Guardians of Ancora clubs in schools, churches and community venues. Pray especially that children will encounter Jesus and discover why he is such good news for everyone.

Wednesday 24
The holiday and mission leaders will be joining with the wider SU movement at the Revealing Jesus conference this coming weekend. Please pray for a great time of refreshment and encouragement for them as they meet together, that they will be inspired and encouraged for the year ahead.

Thursday 25
Local Mission Partner Cynllun Efe work exclusively in Welsh; so here is their request in two languages. Gweddiwch dros ein gweithiwr Susan Williams, yr ymddiriedolwyr a’n partneriaid; dros gysylltiadau newydd wnaed yn ystod y pandemig; a thros adnewyddu hen gysylltiadau. Pray for our worker Susan Williams, trustees and partners; for new contacts made during the pandemic and for renewal of old contacts.

Friday 26
Thank God that during the lockdowns Local Mission Partner Watford Schools Trust was able to provide online assemblies for schools. Pray for the team as they resume more normal ways of working.

Saturday 27
Pray for members of the Development Hub team working on daily Bible reading guides for July to September 2022, which are going to print around now, that as they put the finishing touches to the material, they may be able to ensure that the guides communicate effectively.


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