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Prayers – week beginning 11th November 2018

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 11 
theStory Bible reading guide (from SU in English-speaking Canada) is designed to help people connect their story with God’s story. It’s currently available in digital form but is soon to be published in print. Please pray that readers will meet with God daily as they read, reflect and respond to his Word. 

Monday 12 
Pray for the first week of SHINE, a national initiative encouraging and enabling young people to share their faith. This year’s theme is ‘Go’ and this week predominantly Christian groups will be looking at why they should ‘Go and tell’ their friends about Jesus. Non-Christian groups will be considering why they need to ‘Go and find out’ about Jesus. 

Tuesday 13 
Thank God for the ministry of It’s Your Move. Pray for Esther Calvert- Jordan as she looks for ways of developing this valuable resource for the future. 

Wednesday 14 
New Year holidays have proved a great way of helping young people to grow in their faith. Pray for Breakthrough and Genesis, which will enable secondary age young people to see in the New Year in a Christian community. Pray for these holidays thinking especially of the teams as they prepare. 

Thursday 15
 Pray for the finance and gifts staff Alicia Wallace, Maureen Okwara, Tracey Bell and Michelle Johnson as they continue to process invoices, expense claims and donations. These are hidden but vital tasks without which the movement could not function. 

Friday 16 
Thank God for the range of creative gifts in the mission innovation team. Pray that they will be continually inspired by the Holy Spirit as they develop new and innovative ways to reach ‘the 95’. Saturday 17 Pray for the many initiatives which will bring the message of Christmas to children and young people, including activities in schools and opportunities for pupils to visit churches to discover more of what we believe about Jesus.

Prayers for September – November 2018


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