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Prayers – week beginning 13th January 2019

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 13 
Praise God for all the many ways that young people can discover Jesus even if they don't go to church. Pray for all those who are developing and providing creative out of church gospel-sharing opportunities.

Monday 14 
Give thanks that God is opening up new ways for young people to do and be church, so that if they can’t get to church easily, it doesn’t need to prevent them from growing in their faith and being part of a Christian community. 

Tuesday 15 
Pray that the young people that went on SU holidays and missions in 2018 will continue on their faith journey throughout the year, and that they will be the light of Christ to the young adults around them that don’t yet know Jesus. 

Wednesday 16 
Praise God for the faithful volunteers that give their time and energy to enable SU holidays and missions to take place, and ask for his blessing to be on them as they make plans for the coming year. 

Thursday 17 
Please ask God to help us make more churches across the country aware of our holidays and missions, and what a blessing they can be to children and young people who aren’t from a Christian family. 

Friday 18 
We hear a lot about the negative aspects of social media, but for some, it’s a vital and positive force in their spiritual journey. Ask God to inspire us all to make better use of social media and to use it for good, as a means of reaching children and young people with the gospel, wherever they are. 

Saturday 19 
Many young people's faith journey begins with a friend suggesting they try church. Praise God for young Christians that are bold in sharing their faith, and ask him to raise up more young people to build the Christian communities of the future. 


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