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Prayers – week beginning 14th October

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 14 
Today Steve Hutchinson is speaking at Cranham Praise, a service run by local mission partner, PSALMS, designed for children and young people who connect through sport and midweek clubs in schools but otherwise have no contact with church. Pray that they will meet with Jesus.

Monday 15 
This week the South East Team will be on the second leg of their 95 Tour. The first leg generated considerable interest in reaching ‘the 95’, with over twenty-five wanting to explore ways to be more missional in their communities. Pray for more relationships like this to develop. 

Tuesday 16 
Pray for SU work in Papua New Guinea where villages, churches, families and schools are still recovering from the earthquake that hit the Highlands in February 2018. Praise God that school prayer numbers have increased from an average of 100 students to an average of 400 students every Friday in Port Moresby.

Wednesday 17
Local mission partner Christians and Sheffi eld Schools are running training sessions for those thinking about school chaplaincy. Pray that those who have been exploring will go on to serve as chaplains and will bring encouragement and hope to many young people. 

Thursday 18 
Pray for Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust as they run regular lunchtime clubs and prepare for Christmas projects ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ and ‘Darkness to Light’ in the schools. 

Friday 19 
The team in Wales is visiting as many churches as possible to give presentations on The 95 Campaign. Pray especially for Helen Franklin who is visiting most of the churches in her area during the autumn. 

Saturday 20 
Scripture Union’s Light materials (and their forerunners) have helped generations of children and young people develop a personal relationship with Jesus and live for God as light in a dark world. It is now available as an annual compendium. Pray for leaders as they start to use the first compendium and for work on the second one.

Prayers for September – November 2018


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