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Prayers – week beginning 16th December

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 16 
In Nepal, new legislation makes evangelistic activities unlawful. This could have a significant impact on SU’s ministry in the country. Pray for guidance and blessings for all those seeking to share the good news of Jesus there. 

Monday 17 
The north west team have led a number of Diary of a Disciple workshops over the last six months. They are now creating clubs to follow on. Pray for the development of these asking that children will be excited and motivated to come and learn more about following Jesus. 

Tuesday 18 
Pray for Myles MacBean as he moves into the National Director role, asking that he will be given guidance, strength and insight as he picks up the leadership over the next few weeks. Pray too for a smooth relocation for him and his family. 

Wednesday 19 
Pray for Emlyn and ‘Tricia Williams as they take over as editors of Daily Bread. Ask God to give them sensitivity to the needs of readers and the wisdom to find the right writer for each section, as well as insight during the editorial process.

Thursday 20 
As the bookings open for the spring and summer 2019 events, pray that many children and young people will book, and that team members will sign up, both those returning and those coming for the first time. 

Friday 21 
Thank God for all those supporters who have faithfully given over the last year, enabling us to share the good news of Jesus with thousands of children and young people. 

Saturday 22 
Following on from the Josiah Spiers 150-years celebrations in Llandudno, SU Cymru are working with churches to do more Josiah Lifepaths and set up Ancora clubs in local schools. Pray especially that they will be able to help St Paul’s Church who are keen to reach local children.

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