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Prayers – week beginning 16th September 2018

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

All of this week's prayers relate to this article.

Sunday 16 
Give thanks to God for the 24 young people who came on Centre Spot, and for enabling them to come on this new sports-based residential weekend. 

Monday 17 
Ask God to guide all of these young people along the path to faith, so that they may know more of his amazing love for them and the purpose he has for their lives. 

Tuesday 18 
Please pray for the non-Christian families of children and young people who come on SU residentials, that they will be understanding and open to their search for faith and meaning, and supportive if they choose to follow Jesus. 

Wednesday 19 
Praise God for the wonderful way in which sport is helping inner-city London churches and mission partners to build relationships with children and young people with no church background, so that they can start them on the journey of faith. 

Thursday 20 
Give thanks to God for all SU supporters who give so generously of their time and finances to enable our residentials, camps and missions to take place. 

Friday 21 
Pray that many more children and young people who don’t know Jesus have the opportunity to go on SU short-term residentials and discover the wonder of knowing him. 

Saturday 22 
Praise God that his Word endures from generation to generation and speaks as powerfully today to young people like Luke as it did 150 years ago to the children on the beach at Llandudno, SU’s first beach mission.

Prayers for September – November 2018


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