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Prayers – week beginning 18th March

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 18
Pray for our partnerships with local churches that the vision of reaching the 95 will be shared widely and that churches will respond. Pray especially for development worker Chris Eales as he speaks today at South Street Church in Braunton.

Monday 19
This week Mustard Tree Trust (local mission partner in Morpeth, Northumberland) are working with Youth for Christ and local churches to run sports activities in two middle schools. Pray that these activities will provide opportunities for pupils to explore the Christian faith as well as developing sports skills.

Tuesday 20
A primary camp run by SU in Peninsula Malaysia finishes today. It was designed to allow more children in the south of the country to experience the excitement and fun of learning about Jesus. Pray that as the event draws to a close, children will go away with good memories.

Wednesday 21
Please join with new local mission partner Christians 4 Education (North Wales) as they praise God for the schools and college in their area with whom they already have great links. Please pray for them as they introduce themselves to other schools.

Thursday 22
Please pray that excellent health and safety measures will be in place to support the safe work of volunteers, staff and guests at our events. Pray for those with the health and safety lead responsibility as they prepare risk assessments for the various activities at our holiday and mission events this year.

Friday 23
Pray for the schools focus group (Simon Barker, Bob Goody, Robin Gerrard and Lisa Jones) as it considers ideas and resources for sharing God’s good news with children and young people in schools.

Saturday 24
Local mission partner Thrive, working in Warwickshire, are today launching a youth leaders’ hub, inviting all those involved in youth work in their area to meet for breakfast. Pray that as they support and encourage one another they will gain fresh vision and new ideas.

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