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Prayers – week beginning 20th January 2019

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 20 
Last June, eight people from SU Malawi went to Zimbabwe for The Writers’ Training Workshop. Pray for them as they write notes in Chichewa and Tumbuka, the two most widely used languages in Malawi, and that the notes will be ready for 2020. 

Monday 21 
Pray for Toby Chant and Margaret Lilley of the south west region who lead mission through sports training days in Durban this week, with a view to a new residential camp. Pray too for plans for a residential in Devon in March led by volunteers from South Africa and England and Wales. 

Tuesday 22 
Pray that Stars, a curriculum event held today for Year 3 students to help them ask the big questions in life, and run by SU Ministries Trust on the Isle of Man, will enable children to see what place Jesus might have in their lives. 

Wednesday 23 
Give thanks for the work of the Gifts Admin team Michelle Johnson, Tracey Bell and others as they process gifts from our supporters. Pray for HR O± cer Adelaide Nketsia as she prepares information to assist with the review of SU salaries this month. 

Thursday 24 
The SU Board of Trustees is in a time of change with the current Chairman, Keith Civval, preparing to hand over to Richard Godden. Give thanks for Keith’s service and pray for a smooth transition. Pray too for today’s meeting which will cover objectives and budget setting for 2019–20. 

Friday 25 
This weekend, Dan Wicks (development worker in the south east region) will be involved in a residential activity for a group of young people from Kings Cross. Pray that they will hear the good news about Jesus and respond to it. 

Saturday 26
At X:site Glos today, the popular Lagger Camps will be launched and bookings for this year will open. Please pray that as Steve Hutchinson visits schools, clubs and churches to invite children, God will prompt children to apply, including many whose families are not part of church.


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