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Prayers – week beginning 22nd April

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 22
Please pray that government funding for school chaplaincy in Queensland, Australia, will be renewed after June 2018. The Federal Government is currently deciding on their budget, which will be announced on 9 May.

Monday 23
Pray that God will guide the Lifepath Brinkburn core team as they meet today to plan the event taking place in June. Pray that the school groups who come, through engaging with the lives and work of the monks, will see something of what motivated them.

Tuesday 24
Pray for Grace Inwood as she looks after the National Office building and its facilities, and for Adelaide Nketsia as she provides the HR support to the movement.

Wednesday 25
Local mission partner Christian Connections in Schools are planning ‘Illuminate Windsor and Slough’ with the band LZ7 in October. It will feature visits to seven schools and a Friday night concert with a follow-up event on Saturday. Pray for wisdom in preparations and in publicising the event.

Thursday 26
Our new local mission partner in Harlow, Great Open Door, praise God that a school, which had been closed to them for 14 years, has recently invited them to take assemblies and lessons – a year after a group prayed for the school. Pray that this contact will continue and will bear fruit.

Friday 27
Centre Spot, which runs this weekend, led by SU’s Ben Poch and Dan Wicks, is a sports residential giving 11- to 14-year-olds an opportunity to receive some quality sports training. Pray that as participants also reflect on life and faith they will meet Jesus.

Saturday 28
This weekend Steve Hutchinson is joining local mission partner PSALMS to run a residential for children in Years 5 and 6, where most have little experience of church but attend school and community games and sports clubs. Pray that amongst the fun they will discover what Jesus can mean to them.

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