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Prayers – week beginning 27th May

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 27
Give thanks to God for Alisha and the exciting journey he’s taking her on. Pray that her faith will continue to flourish, for her studies to go well, and for her ministry to children and young people in the north-east to
bear much fruit.

Monday 28
Please pray for other young Christians – give thanks to God for their enthusiasm to share the good news of Jesus with their friends.

Tuesday 29
Pray for all those who work with and mentor young Christians – SU regional team staff, our local mission partners, and churches and other groups across
the country. Ask God to bless them with wisdom and kindness.

Wednesday 30
Alisha realised that not getting into university was a blessing. Please ask God to enable other young Christians to see that when life doesn’t go according to their plans, it may be because he has a better one.

Thursday 31
Praise God for adults like Dave and Jen Johnson who help young Christians develop their faith. Ask God to show you if he wants you to help grow the faith of young people and, if so, to guide you to the right opportunity.

Friday 1 June
This summer, many young people will be taking part in SU’s young leadership training. Ask God to help them discover the gifts he has given them, and how to use those gifts wisely to build his kingdom.

Saturday 2 June
In Ukraine, there are many barriers to sharing Jesus. Praise God for enabling SU staff and volunteers to visit and share their faith with Ukrainian students. Ask him to incline their hearts to follow him.

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