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Prayers – week beinning 21st January

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Join us in praying for Scripture Union ministries – for those sharing the good news and for the children and young people they share it with

Sunday 21
Scripture Union Mauritius praise God for recent ministry opportunities in the area near their new offices: a mission to disadvantaged children and youth, and a literacy project in collaboration with a preschool teacher. Pray that these will grow in significance.

Monday 22
School assemblies still provide an opportunity for children and young people to hear something of Christian truth. Pray for Wayne Dixon of local mission partner Christian Connections in Schools (Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead) who is taking assemblies in Desborough College this week; pray that pupils will be attentive and drawn to what they hear.

Tuesday 23
The SU team in the South West have a close working relationship with South West Youth Ministries and have joint staff meetings every two months. Pray that as they meet today they will have a clear sense of the ways in which God wants them to move forward together.

Wednesday 24
Today sees the launch of a mission to 30 secondary schools across Cambridgeshire, in partnership with the Message Trust. Pray that churches will support this and that there will be a growing sense of expectation.

Thursday 25
Pray for Robin Gerrard, development worker in the North West, as he builds new relationships with the churches, particularly Atherton Baptist Church, with whom he worked closely helping them run a pop-up mission last summer.

Friday 26
Over the next two days, the event leaders’ conference will be taking place. Pray that as holiday and mission leaders come together they will be inspired and equipped to lead well.

Saturday 27
Local mission partner Schools Worker Christian Project (Oswestry) have, in the last 16 years, brought the good news of Jesus to thousands in over twenty schools in which they work. They are looking for a new full-time worker. Please pray that the right person might be appointed.

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